Mistakes Every Beginner Vaper Avoids That You Should Avoid

Vaping has become a pretty common pastime for many. In the past, cigarettes were what everyone had in their hand, but these days, you will see a vape rig or kit in many people’s hands. More and more people are moving towards vaping due to various reasons. This means that many people are totally new to the vaping world. And because vapes are a bit more complicated than just grabbing a cigarette, people make some mistakes that can harm their vaping experience. This blog will highlight those mistakes and how to avoid them to get the best vaping experience possible.

Not Investing in Quality

Arguably the biggest mistake that a beginner can make is not buying a high-quality vape kit. Your vape is obviously the most critical part of your vaping experience, so if you buy a low-quality vape, it can break quicker and more easily, not perform up to par with other vapes out there and not last as long as a good quality vape.

The popularity of the vaping industry has attracted many manufacturers out there that produce low-quality products. And these products can easily get mixed in with all the other better quality products. In some cases, these vapes can even cause people to go back to cigarettes due to the bad experience they had.

In this circumstance, it is best to do your research about good-quality brands before going out to buy these vapes.

And it does not cost an arm and a leg to get a good quality vape, but sometimes people go for the cheapest option even if they can manage to splurge a bit.

Not Having More Than One Battery

Vaping can be fun; you can get lost in the experience. Unfortunately, the same vape can bring you down to earth when the battery runs out. And then you’ll be left sitting there with a powerless vape. This is where extra batteries come in handy. If you are going to buy a vape, then buy an extra battery or two with it. So, the next time you are out with your vape, even if you run out of battery, you can just take out the current one and pop in another, and continue with your vaping fun.

Not Exploring the Vast Flavours Available

The market has become littered with thousands of different flavours from many different brands. There are many different e-juice brands like Sirius 44, Major Flavor, and Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-liquid, just to name a few. There’s a vast world of flavours out there with categories such as fruit flavours, dessert flavours, tobacco flavours, and much more. But beginners can sometimes play it safe and stick one or two flavours. They don’t explore the wonderful variety of e-juices available out there. So, if you are starting out, then you should keep an open mind.

Mistaking Nicotine Content

Nicotine content is not hard to figure out, but sometimes people confuse it and don’t buy the strength they should be buying. There are times when you can buy an e-juice with too much nicotine, and that can be overwhelming for a beginner and can lead to headaches and nausea. While too little nicotine can be unsatisfying for the person who is just starting to switch from regular cigarettes. So, it is best to ensure that the e-juice you are buying has the appropriate amount of nicotine you want.

Not Maintaining Your Vape

With a regular cigarette, all you need to do is smoke, and once it’s all done, you just pick another one out of the box. But vapes are a bit more complicated. As they are machines and reusable ones at that, they need to be appropriately maintained; you. Failing to do so can lead to your vape getting clogged up, overheating, loss of good flavour, and more. Therefore, it is recommended to clean your vape and maintain it the best you can to stop it from getting potentially damaged. This damage can later cost money as it might lead to your vape not working, after which you will have to buy a new one.


Avoiding these mistakes can ensure that your vaping experience is worry-free and flavourful. And if you are interested in going deeper into the vaping world, then Juiced Out Vapes is the place to be. We have a great collection of vapes to fill all requirements. We also have many different flavours from different brands such as Slurp Juice, IVG, Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juice, and much more. So, browse our collection and grab what you like today!