Aisu 50ml E-liquid Shortfills

Aisu 50ml E-liquid Shortfills By Zap

AISU 50ml E-liquid Shortfills are a newly launched series of e-liquids by ZAP! Juice. The inspiration behind these juices is a famous Japanese dessert, Kakigori, which features a combination of fruit pulps, crushed ice, and a classical blend of these ingredients. This blend is fantastic for sub-ohm vaping. It updates the traditional theme of flavours, which offers peculiar blends like cactus, aloe vera, dragon fruit, and various other enchanting flavours. This brand highlights a perfectly balanced concentration ratio of 70% VG and 30% mixed PG. It also uses optimum quality food flavours to intensify the taste. 

Products Available At Juiced Out Vapes

At Juiced Out Vapes, we can offer a variety of flavours of AISU e-liquid short fills. With the extensive range of flavours, there is at least one perfect option for every vaper out there. Some of the most amazing AISU 50ml flavours are:

Juiced Out Vapes Is Your Perfect Solution

At Juiced Out Vapes, we have been serving the vaping needs of our esteemed customers for the longest time. We believe in maintaining our quality and constantly introducing the newest products for a unique and enjoyable experience. The new range of AISU e-juices is the missing puzzle piece you have been searching for your whole life. Juiced Out Vapes is here at your services with all the AISU by ZAP! E-juices to maximise your vaping experience and give you a throat hit with fresh fruity flavours like you have never experienced before. Make your way to Juiced Out Vapes to get your hands on this rejuvenating range of products to transform your vaping adventure.

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