Some Major Differences Between Good Quality And Bad Quality E-Liquid

For any vaper, experienced or beginner, E-liquids are the most crucial part of vaping. They decide how good or bad your vaping experience will be; hence, they can be considered the key ingredient. No matter how good or expensive your vaping device is, it can go to the trash if you select a low-quality ordinary E-liquid. Experienced vapers may already know this, but most new vapers feel puzzled and lost about their selections when it comes to suitable E-juices. When discussing E-liquids, no single E-liquid is suitable for all vapers and depends on your requirements. On second thought, you have the choice of selecting something that will make you feel like it’s made for you. This is what makes vaping more exciting and enjoyable. However, the least you can do about your E-liquid choices is be sure about their quality.  If you don’t know enough about E-liquids, this guide will help you understand some major differences between bad quality and Premium quality E-liquids like Slurp E-liquid.

Let’s start with some basic characteristics of bad and ordinary quality E-liquids:

They May Include Dangerous Ingredients

Low-quality e-liquids are more likely to have potentially dangerous ingredients like Diacetyl/Acetyl Propionyl, Aerosols, and several hydrocarbons that are not suitable for consumption. Especially Diacetyl, an additive to make buttered popcorn which is used by some e-liquid manufacturers to create a buttery or creamy flavour in their vape products. If your E-liquid contains excess amounts of  Diacetyl, its consumption can cause you to develop bronchiolitis or, in the worse case, a severe and incurable lung disease, "popcorn lung.” Many scientists have said that  Acetyl Propionyl can also act as a lung irritant like Diacetyl, and higher levels of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl than the recommended safety limits may cause severe health issues if you consistently inhale it directly into your lungs.

They Can Damage Your Vaping Device.

Using a low-quality e-liquid is not only injurious to health but also affects your vaping devices. It can harm the coils inside your tank and cause other complications with your e-cigarette. A major reason for this might be the presence of sweeteners like sucralose in its ingredients which can make the E-liquid harden over the coils eventually. It may also corrode and crack your tank, costing you a lot. Only if you’re careful about your selections can you save yourself from this unnecessary extra expense. Premium vape juice is less likely to harm or damage your e-cigarette device.

Your E-Liquid May Have A Bad Odour

The inviting aroma of E-liquids is one of the major factors people prefer vaping over smoking. This is something a vaper will never compromise on because what’s the point of vaping if the odour is terrible? Right?  Low-quality nicotine and Vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol may be responsible that some may give off a putrid and unpleasant odour or scent like it's going bad. Especially, If you have a sensitive nose, you should stay away from low-quality e-liquid since e-liquids usually taste just like the smell. In contrast, premium-quality vape juices like Slurp juice E-liquids100ml usually have an inviting and delicious aroma that makes you want to start vaping right away. You rid yourself of this problem by trying a sample before buying. If the E-liquid you’ve experienced any such problem with your current E-liquid, it is wiser to switch.

They Have Poor Quality Nicotine:

If you’ve ever experienced a harsh aftertaste that reminded you of burnt pepper, you’ve probably vaped an e-liquid that had poor-quality nicotine. Nicotine is a critical element of vaping devices, especially for people who have switched to vaping from smoking. If the quality of nicotine is not good enough, not only will it affect the taste and aftertaste, but it also will fail to satisfy your nicotine cravings. 

To Wrap Up:

Now that you’re aware of the consequences of using a lousy quality E-livAPEquid, you should be very careful about your choices. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, you just can not deny the importance of a good e-liquid. To enhance your experience, make a well-informed choice like Slurp Vape juice that makes your experience worth it.