Multibuy deals: 5 bottles £4.99, 10 bottles £8.49, 20 bottles £16.89, 40 bottles £34.99 

What Makes Hangsen E Liquid Special

Introduced in 2009 Hangsen E liquids came out to be a game changer in the vaping industry worldwide. Since its launch Hangsen E liquid become the “Flavor of the world” by acquiring a global customer base and providing it E liquid flavors in more than 85 countries worldwide. Hangsen is based in North America, Europe and Asia providing its customer top-class flavors of e liquids and ensure premium quality, signature taste while completely satisfying their customers across different regions of the world. Hangsen now offers the best selling e liquid flavors and has become number e liquid producers.

The History of Hangsen E- Liquids

The creation of Hangsen E-Liquids dates back to 2005 when the CEO Jide Yao invented the recipe of the E-liquid using PG/VG bases.  The special recipe gave it the signature taste and the flavor by which the world recognizes Hangsen E-liquids today.  The idea of the CEO and the co-founder was to mitigate the harmful and devastating effects of tobacco smoking mostly in young people. After many attempts the CEO and the co-founder successfully formulated a better, safer and a healthy alternate to the harmful tobacco cigarette smoking

The Best Tobacco E Liquids By Hangsen

Hangsen E Liquids are made using 100% natural tobacco essence that provide natural tobacco taste and flavor that is enjoyable and incredible unlike other brands that only artificial tobacco flavor.  The natural and fresh tobacco extracts which is used in Hangsen E Liquids is finely formulated to avoid the harmful elements contained in the artificial and chemical filled tobacco


Why Choose Juiced Out Vapes For Hangsen E Liquids

At Juiced Out Vapes we bring the finest and widest collection of top quality Hangsen E liquids. Juiced Out vapes offers Hangsen E liquid with 100% pure nicotine which naturally derived to bring highest quality, consistent flavor and superior quality.

Affordable Prices & Superior Quality

Multibuy deals. Pack of 5 bottles for £5.49, 10 for £8.99, 20 for £17.79, 40 for £35.99. Hangsen is one of the finest E-liquid & Vape Juice brands in the market and we only source directly from the manufacturers; ensuring you get the best quality at the best possible price. Hangsen e liquid are produced using naturally derived flavourings, pure nicotine,  vegetable glycerine (30%) and carefully sourced propylene glycol(70%).  Top flavours all available here including HS Menthol Sensation, Spearmint, Ice Mint, Tobacco, Golden VGA, Blue Heisen. We stock all the fruit ranges too an offer multibuy.

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