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A UK brand, Pukka Juice, have centred their range around authentic tasting fruit blends that is coming your way with delicious, flavourful vaping liquids.



Berry Blaze Blackcurrant and blue raspberry smashed together in a blaze of flavour!
Blackcurrant Lime Juicy blackcurrant with a hint of lime
Blackcurrant Fuji Apple Ripe blackcurrants paired together with sharp fuji apples and a touch of citrus!
Blaze  A combo of raspberries & blueberries to tantalise your taste buds!
Blaze Bull Get a boost of energy with our Blaze Bull e-liquid, inspired by the popular energy drink. This electrifying blend combines bold flavours with a subtle hint of berry sweetness and the tantalising taste of blaze!
Blaze No Ice The great taste of Pukka Blaze, Without the ice!
Blue Pear Ice Features sweet and delicious blueberries, juicy pears and lashings of ice!
Blueberry Blackcurrant  Experience the harmonious pairing of juicy blueberries and tangy blackcurrants in our Blueberry Blackcurrant e-liquid. This combination offers a delightful balance of sweet and tart.
Cherry Blaze Mouthwatering Cherry Lemonade blended with the refreshing taste of Blaze!
Grape Soda Quench your thirst with the fizzy and irresistible Grape Soda e-liquid. Bursting with the bold and juicy flavour of fresh grapes, this vape juice captures the essence of a classic soda.
Lime Lemonade is a refreshing, punchy citrus treat!
Pineapple Ice Embark on a tropical journey with Pineapple Ice. This e-liquid blends the tropical goodness of juicy pineapples with a refreshing icy finish and a hint of lime. 
Rainbow Blaze Your favourite sweets combined with the great taste of Blaze!
Raspberry Blaze. Refresh your senses with the intense and sweet flavour of Raspberry Blaze. Juicy raspberries mingle with a touch of ice, creating a tantalising blend that will satisfy your craving for a bold and vibrant vaping experience.
Raspberry Sherbert Indulge in the tangy sweetness of Raspberry Sherbet. This e-liquid captures the essence of ripe raspberries and combines it with the fizzy and sweet sensation of sherbet.
Summer Fruits A blend of forest fruits and summer berries with a hint of zingy lime for a tangy, fruity vape
Tropical An exotic mix of watermelon, kiwi & passion fruit
Yellow Pear Ice Delight in the refreshing fusion of juicy yellow pears and a cool icy blast. Delivers a crisp and sweet flavour that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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