Grandma’s Custard E-Liquids: Nostalgia With Every Puff

Savour the nostalgia and warmth of Granny’s custard with Grandma’s Custard’s exquisite collection of custard-flavoured e-liquid. Let the soothing aroma of homely custard fill your senses, perfectly complemented by the mellow essence of stewed fruit. This rich and creamy dessert vape is a delightful fusion of sweet vanilla undertones and delicate notes of fruit, creating a truly flavourful experience.

Granny’s Custard E-Liquid in 120ml Recyclable Bottles

Discover the essence of tradition in every 120 ml recyclable short-fill bottle of Grandma’s Custard e-liquid. Unleash your creativity by choosing the perfect nicotine strength for your vaping pleasure. Opt for 0 mg nicotine for a pure custard delight, or select 1.5 mg or 3 mg to infuse your blend with two free 9 mg or 18 mg nicotine shots, respectively. 

Clouds of Flavour: 70% VG for a Captivating Vaping Experience

Experience an explosion of flavour and voluminous clouds with our 70% VG (vegetable glycerin) content, specially designed for larger, more powerful devices and tanks. Every puff envelops you in velvety vapour, ensuring your vaping journey is both satisfying and immersive.

Grandma's Custard Made in the Heart of the UK

Brought to life in Liverpool, UK, our Grandma's Custard e-liquid embodies a heartfelt collection of custards, fruits, and caramel-inspired delights. This wallet-friendly and visually appealing range captures the essence of bygone times, inviting you to relive cherished memories with every vape.

Indulge in Grandma's Custard E-Liquid Today!

Are you ready to begin your journey? Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of Grandma's custard-flavoured e-liquid. With its distinctive taste and premium quality, this e-liquid is an ode to tradition and a testament to innovation. Choose your nicotine strength, inhale the captivating vapor, and let Grandma's Custard transport you to a world of timeless indulgence. Visit Juicedoutvapes now and experience the magic of Grandma's Custard e-liquid for yourself. Your vaping journey is about to become a flavourful adventure like no other.

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