4 Benefits Of Using Nicotine Salts:

In the last few years, a sudden surge in the popularity of nic salts was noticed. They are one of the major innovations in the vaping industry. Nic salts are basically e liquids of varying flavours that have a salt base.

Before the introduction of nicotine salts, the only option was standard free-base e liquids in electronic cigarettes. However, they were only available in the lower nicotine strengths of 3 mg and 6 mg. Nic salts allow vaping with higher nicotine strengths while eliminating the harsh throat hit found in the freebase e liquids.

There are some great e liquids available in the market, like Nicohit e liquids, but their strengths do not match that of a nic salt. Instead of extracting nicotine from chemicals, advanced methods are used to withdraw nicotine from tobacco plants for nicotine salts. After that, the blend is chemically modified to provide a smoother hit despite the higher nicotine content.

Smokers who are looking to quit have extracted various benefits from the specific composition of nic salts. A similar throat hit to a cigarette is achieved due to the specific composition of these salts. One of the ideal flavours for such a sensation is Nicohit e-liquids. Here we mention the benefits of switching to nicotine salts, so you are well-aware before making the switch.

 Easy To Use

Nic salts can be used in pod systems and low-wattage devices. These devices are simple to operate, which makes the use of nic salts super easy. Due to the higher concentration of nicotine in salts, they are not for sub-ohm high-powered devices.

In a low-wattage device, you do not need to consume a significant amount of vapour to inhale a considerable amount of nicotine. This makes them perfect for nicotine salts. All you have to do is add the nicotine salt to your device to enjoy vaping.

Smoother Hit

The most prominent advantage of nicotine salts is the higher nicotine content. You can enjoy the nicotine buzz without having a harsh hit at the back of the throat. An assumption about nicotine has been encircling around, claiming that nicotine in cigarettes is the major culprit in generating the harmful effects of cigarettes.

However, people must understand that it is the smoke that contains the most hostile chemicals for human health. Hydrogen cyanide, lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and ammonia are some of the cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Therefore, the higher nicotine concentration in nic salts does not pose significant health threats.

 No Need For Multiple Puffs

Before the invention of nic salts, vapers only had freebase liquids. They had to draw in many puffs just to achieve a satisfactory nicotine concentration in this type of e-liquid. However, due to higher nicotine concentration in nicotine salts, more nicotine is attained with lesser vaping.

The shallow nicotine found in freebase e liquids is not suitable for heavy smokers, and so, it is a good option to switch to nic salts. You will not be glued to your vape at all times, but each vaping session will provide efficient removal of craving with nic salts.

 Stealth Vaping

Pod systems are the ideal devices for nicotine salts. They are low powered and compact devices that vaporise the e-liquid rapidly to produce discrete vapours. Even if you are in a closed space, you can vape with nicotine salts, as their clouds are thin and sparse. They are an excellent alternative to the freebase liquids in large mod kits, as they produce such thick puffs of smoke that they can be compared with a steam engine.

Is There A Drawback To Nic Salts?

There is no cloud chasing with Nicotine salts. With the help of a high-powered mod kit combined with freebase liquid, a cloud chasing involving thick vapours is created. The higher ratio of VG in freebase e liquids allows cloud chasing. On the other hand, nic salts usually have the VG/PG composition of 50/50, which does not make them suitable for cloud chasing.

In short, if you are a vaper and want to elevate your experience with a higher nicotine concentration, you can opt for a nic salt. They are available in various flavours at the online vape store called Juiced Out Vapes. We serve our clients by providing quality vaping kits, e juices, nic salts and mods. On our website, you can find your favourite vaping accessories.