CALYPSO 200ML E Liquid


About Calypso 200ML E-Liquid 

Calypso 200ml is the e-liquid brand that introduces anti coil burning technology that helps your vape last longer. They introduced astonishing, tantalising tropical flavours that will surely get you hooked. They have the ultimate collection of summery flavours. The vape juice flavours are just as bright and bold on the inside as they are on the outside. The Calypso vape juices are the perfect combination of citrus and sweet.

Most Popular Calypso 200ml E-liquid Flavors

Calypso 200ml e-liquid is the best one out there that will ease you into vaping. You can have an elevated vaping experience with Calypso e-liquids since they are the perfect flavours this summer. You will experience the perfect balance between sweet and tangy. We will tell you about five of their most popular flavours so that you can start with the best.

  • Berry Grape Lemonade: a sweet and refreshing vape juice made with a combination of apples, natural berry, and refreshing Cali Lemonade.
  • Blue Ocean Lemonade: you can experience a natural blueberry base blended with Cali Lemonade to give a subtle tangy flavour.
  • Dark Cherry Lemonade: a delicious vape juice is created with a combination of torte cherry and Cali Lemonade.
  • Tropical Punch Limeade: this vape juice celebrates the amazing and fresh tropical fruits, which are blended with sweet limeade to create a sweet and citrus blend.
  • Pineapple Limeade: a tangy, sweet limeade is combined with tropical pineapple to create this exotic flavour.
  • Apart from these, Calypso has other flavours that are just as delectable. You can buy the whole collection of Calypso 200ml 70vg e-liquids at Juiced Out Vapes.

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    You can expect nothing but the best from Juiced Out Vapes. We guarantee our customers with high-quality e-liquids from Calypso that we source directly from the manufacturer. We provide vape items at the best price in the market. Juiced Out Vapes also regularly updates the list of products and brands on their website. 

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