VAPE 247

This 247 vape shop stands true to its name. Just order it whenever you want! With a wide variety of flavours, this vape brand caters to customers with different taste preferences. 

VAPE 247 FRUITS SERIES vape juice gets high marks in every category. This marvellous line hits the spot in every flavour. This line is available in watermelon, grape, blueberry, tropical mint, blackcurrant, lemon slice, mixed berries, apple watermelon, cherry menthol and blackcurrant menthol. Life just got a little more interesting.

VAPE 247 CANDY STORE SERIES e-liquid flavours will undoubtedly climb to number one spot in the UK. The combination of old favourites with a new twist is a sure hit among all vapers. Candy store has strawberry bubblegum, blackjack, tropical candy, custard cream, red A, H berg, blueberry bubblegum, fruit salad, kola kubes, chew sticks and mint flavours to accommodate all tastes.

VAPE 247 FOUNTAIN STAND SERIES delivers with style and essence on every count. The flavours will captivate your senses with a soft touch. This fountain offers red soda, mixed berry punch, red slush, grape soda and blue slush flavours. Go to the stand and make your day a fountain day. So what do you say? Want to just vape 247?
●    50ML E Liquid
●    70VG/30PG Vape
●    0MG Juice
Add 1 nic shot to achieve 60ML, 3MG e juice.

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