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50VG/50PG E Liquid

10MG/20MG Vape Juice

Dinner Lady Nic Salts is a UK mix and manufactured range of E-juices made by the famous Dinner Lady team. Known for their tasty dessert blends, Dinner Lady has launched a new range of Nicotine Salts in various flavours, some new and some of their best selling flavours can now be enjoyed in a 50% VG and 50% PG blend in 10mg and 20mg Nic Salt strength.

Two Dinner Lady Nic Salts are available in both the old and new packaging. These will be shipped as they come and are the same product inside. Dinner Lady Nic Salts have released a number of new flavours which we are now stocking and are part of the same great deal.

Dinner Lady Nic Salts Flavours:

Apple Sours
A sweet and sour blend of crispy green apples on the inhale, followed by a sour candy on the exhale.

Blackberry Crumble
Sweet and warm British blackberries topped with a crispy and buttery crumble.

Blue Menthol
Combines sweet and fruity berries with a cooling menthol sensation.

Bubblegum (Old & New Packaging)
A tasty Strawberry & Banana Bubblegum flavour with fruity notes on the inhale, followed by sugary notes on the exhale.

Café Tobacco
A tobacco blend with a combination of robust flavours. A smoky tobacco and decadent coffee mix together for a rich flavoured e-liquid.

Caramel Tobacco
A combination of smooth tobacco blended perfectly with silky caramel, sweet vanilla and some golden honey.

Cherry Menthol
A cherry blend of sweet and sour notes, on the exhale you will get a hit of menthol.

Cola Ice
Cola Ice salt nicotine e-liquid (formerly Cola Shades e-liquid) by Dinner Lady Summer Holidays features a sugary cola flavour on inhale which has light caramel notes, whilst a combination of lemon and ice gives this e-liquid a tangy and cool finish.

Heisen Lady
A blend of sweet mixed berries on the inhale, followed by a cooling ice slushy on the exhale.

Lemon Sherbets
A sweet candy sherbet on the inhale, followed by a zesty lemon on the exhale.

Lemon Tart (Old & New Packaging)
A sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradle by a thin pastry crust. Just when you thought Dinner Lady Nic Salts couldn’t get any better they come along with their best selling flavour!

Mango Ice
An exotic fruit blend with a crisp exhale. The ripe taste of mangoes provides the base of the flavour, before a cooling ice tops things off for a layered e-liquid.

Mint Tobacco
A unique tobacco blend with some sweet and savoury notes. The mint really comes through on the exhale.

Strawberry Macaroon
A tasty dessert blend of a nutty almond macaroons and sweet strawberries on the inhale, complimented by a creamy, coconut exhale.

Sweet Fruits
A juicy fruit blend on the inhale, followed by sweet sugary candy notes on the exhale.

Watermelon Slices
A juicy Watermelon flavour on the inhale, followed by a sweet candy exhale; creating a perfect summer time vape!

Black Orange Crush (New)
This is a zesty and refreshing flavour with a dominant blend of blackcurrant and orange, complemented by mixed berries and subtle citric notes.

Blueberry Lemonade (New)
An icy concoction of sweet juicy blueberries, served up with a classic, fizzy and citric lemonade.

Bubblegum Mint (New)
This is a lip-smacking, juicy nostalgic classic, sweet bubblegum, with a fresh burst of mint.

Cherry Blast (New)
A combination of ripe cherries with a blast of cooling menthol, a true must try for fans of cherry candy.

Grape (New)
This flavour merges both bold and sweet, purple and black grapes, delivering a mind-blowing fruity, slightly sour, but punchy explosion of grapes.

Grape Bubblegum (New)
This is the indulging taste of tangy ripe grapes, perfectly balanced with a juicy nostalgic bubblegum.

Key Lime Tart (New)
This beauty features a crumbly, buttery filled crust, with a slight tang of lime custard. A perfect balance of sweet and tart! Dinner Lady Nic Salts have smashed this one out of the park.

Kiwi Passion Guava (New)
This nic salt is a trio of tropical fruits that blend to create a deliciously exotic refreshing combination.

Pink Lemonade (New)
The classic summer taste of rich, sweet, and tart red berries, with cloudy lemonade and crushed ice.

Red Thunder (New)
An exhilarating blend with a vibrant and fruity taste, delivering a fresh thunder ball experience.

Spearmint Menthol (New)
An incredible fusion of spearmint, eucalyptus and menthol, with some quoting it as being a perfect all day vape.

Smooth Tobacco (New)
This nic salt has a smooth and rich tobacco flavour with a subtle hint of deep, earthy tones, providing a distinct tobacco flavour.

Strawberry Watermelon (New)
Takes two of your favourite summer fruits and smashes them together in an intense mix of watermelon, cantaloupe melon, honeydew melon, and sweet ripe strawberries.

Vanilla Tart (New)
A dessert blend combining a crisp pastry shell with a deliciously creamy, smooth vanilla filling. A true nostalgic treat!

Vanilla Tobacco (New)
Delivers a creamy vanilla and tobacco blend, featuring rich, lightly sweetened and has subtle fresh tobacco tones.

Watermelon Ice (New)
A predominantly sweet luscious watermelon, in company with honeydew and cantaloupe melons and completed with chilly iced menthol.

Nic Salts are extracted directly from the natural tobacco leaf versus traditionally being made using a form of artificial nicotine called ‘free base’. Free base nicotine can be quite harsh on the throat and can cause discomfort for some vapers. Nic salts are absorbed to the body far quicker than standard E liquid, so it provides a much quicker hit to keep your nicotine cravings at bay.

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