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About Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust e liquids are known for their amazing vape juices that are taking the vaping industry by a storm. They are primarily based in the USA but are selling their vape products around the world through wholesale and e-commerce. Their uniqueness is what sets them apart from the crowd. Charlie’s Chalk Dust aims to provide its customers with an ‘all day vape,’ a vape juice that you can never get bored of all day. They add subtle hints of flavours in their vape juices that make you reach out for them time and time again.

Best Charlies Chalk Dust E-juices

  • CCD3 By Charlies Chalk Dust: you can taste the deliciousness of creamy vanilla ice cream, which contains a blend of sea salt and salted caramel.
  • Mr Meringue By Charlies Chalk Dust: it is the fantastic flavour you get from a zesty lemon curd pie that is topped with toasted meringue.
  • Donut Cappuccino By Charlies Chalk Dust: it is a combination of the flavours of a rustic brown cappuccino and an amazing sweet doughnut.
  • Slamberry By Charlies Chalk Dust: it is a delicious combination of fresh strawberries slammed into ice cream.
  • Other than these flavours, Charlies Chalk Dust has multiple flavours that are available at Juiced Oy Vapes. Much like the listed e-juices, the other flavours are equally fantastic and delicious.

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