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Experience Double The Flavour With Bar Series Blends Nic Salts

Introducing the Bar Series Blends Nic Salts, the ultimate fusion of two tantalising flavours in a single bottle. These e-liquids are crafted to tantalise your taste buds with a symphony of fruity and menthol delights reminiscent of your favourite disposable vape flavours. With Bar Series Blends, you can enjoy these irresistible combinations using a refillable kit, all while saving on your vaping expenses.

Elevate Your Vaping Experience

A Flavorful Alternative

Bar Series Nic Salts are designed to replicate the satisfaction and convenience of disposable vapes. By combining two delightful flavours in each bottle, these e-liquids offer a unique vaping experience that's both cost-effective and incredibly flavorful. Say goodbye to disposables and hello to the freedom of refillable kits.

Smooth Satisfaction

What sets Blends Nic Salts apart is their use of salt nicotine e-liquids. These salts provide a smoother throat hit compared to regular freebase blends, making your vaping experience more enjoyable and satisfying. If you're looking for a faster way to curb your cravings, these e-liquids are the perfect choice.

Unveil A World Of Flavor

Bar Series Blends Nic Salts are available in convenient packs of 10 x 10ml bottles, ensuring you have plenty of options to explore. Each bottle boasts a balanced 50VG/50PG ratio, providing a harmonious blend of vapour production and flavour delivery. You can also choose from nicotine strengths of 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg, catering to vapers of various preferences.

Order your preferred pack and start enjoying the perfect blend of fruity and menthol goodness. Your taste buds will thank you!

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