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Enjoy Vaping Some Smooth, Creamy Flavours With Quickie Vape


Take a trip down memory lane with Quickie’s delightful collection of vape flavours. From milk chocolate to bluezy shake, all the flavours taste irresistible! While the milk chocolate is smooth and creamy, giving a lush chocolate taste, the banana flavour is a combination of caramelised banana jam and rich buttery toast. With Quickie juiceyour taste buds are in for the ride of their lives. Even though we mentioned all our favourites, here are a few more that you can choose from:

●    Bluezy Shake: Strawberries, aren’t they lovely? Bluezy shake has fruity undertones and tastes like strawberry and milk vanilla. 

●    Lassi Shake: For all Southeast Asians, this is a dream come true. Do you miss the smooth, milky taste of ice-cold lassi? Give this flavour a try, and you will be refreshed!

●    Vanilla: Vanilla lovers, get this before it runs out. A combination of vanilla and custard cream, vaping will give you a feeling of pure bliss in every puff. 

Created with high-quality ingredients, Quickie E Liquids have authentic flavours and will not give any artificial taste. Just the right amount of sweetness, these flavours are exactly what you need at the end of a long, tiring day. 

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