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When vaping first came about, coils were just made out of thin single-strands of metal. Since then, vapers have been coming up with innovative ways to enhance their vape experience, whether it be through bigger clouds or better flavour. Inevitably, the Clapton coil was born. The word Clapton is often used as an umbrella term for a range of coils comprised of one or more strands wrapped inside a thinner gauge wire. Vape replacement coils can be made with various vape wire types and gauges, most often Kanthal, stainless steel, or nichrome.

By and large, multi-strand vape coils like Claptons are for rebuildables. Some examples include fused Clapton coil, Alien coil, staple coils, etc. The original Clapton was also one of the first coils to require an electric drill, which has set the standard for most exotic coil builds to follow. Buy coils online to discover the ultimate vaping experience.

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