Enjoy Pure Bliss With Kilo's Cream Base E-Liquid


One of the longest-running brands in the vaping industry, Kilo E Liquids, is now back with a new line of products. With a lovely cream base combined with complementing flavours, E Juice is the talk of the town right now. 

If you're looking for an edgy artisan e-liquid, then Kilo is the one to try. Founded in 2014, Kilo won awards for Best in Show in 2015 and is up there with one of the leading premium E-liquid companies in the world. If you're longing for well-balanced creamy and fruity flavours, then Kilo vape juice is most definitely a must-try e-liquid. 



Kilo E Juice Offers A Variety Of Luscious Flavours For Its Customers

Take a trip down memory lane with Kilo's commendable vape juices. Kiberry Yogurt reminds us of the days when everything could be solved by a bowl of grandma's favourite strawberry yogurt. With a hint of creamy chocolate and the warm scent of cookies, Milk and cookies taste just like childhood. While dewberry cream combines heavenly honeydew cream with some delicious melon.

Customers are indeed in for a burst of flavour with every puff with Kilo's completely different take on many delicious desserts. This brand offers premium quality E Liquids, and you can even get kilo vape pods and kilo vape devices if you are looking for suitable vaping devices. Trust us; this brand is an all-rounder and will take your vaping journey to a completely different level. 

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