Have The Time Of Your Life With Ferrum City E Liquids

Juicedoutvapes has never failed to impress its customers with its wide range of e-liquid brands. We have some of the best vape juice companies from all over the world and are your one-stop shop for all types of e-liquids. From Candy Geek E Liquid to Hangsen E Liquid, there is very little we do not have for our clients.


One brand that has continued to amaze us is Ferrum City. You may have already tried this one and fallen in love with the flavours. For those of you haven’t, give us a chance and you will be highly impressed by our flavours. Each of Ferrum City’s e-liquid blends is the product of months of development, and they do not release anything into the market unless it is absolutely perfect.

We Have An Extensive Range Of Flavours That You Will Surely Love

A brand with very few options to choose from is a huge turn off for people. This is because customers want variety and like to browse through various different flavours before making a decision. Ferrum City e-liquids are available in a wide range of flavours. Here are a few that you absolutely must-try!

1.   Fried Banana

This is our take on one of the most well-known and loved basic banana flavours. Made with the freshest slices of deeply fried banana, every puff will provide you with a sweet and crunchy flavour. For all banana flavoured vape fans out there, this is a dream come true!

2.   Pink Lemonade

This e-liquid will remind you of a cold glass of lemonade on hot, warm evenings. It includes summer’s most refreshing flavours and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energised. It is perfect and has a sweet and sour flavour. Furthermore, it is light and the flavours complement each other well so as to not overpower your taste buds. So, quench your thirst with this amazing flavour and live a little with this fun-filled vape juice.

3.   Smelted

Interesting name, is it not? This is probably one of our favourite e-liquids that combines the flavours of delicious vanilla ice cream drizzled with some lovely melted caramel. We guarantee you that this vape juice will make your taste buds go WOW! Treat yourself to this amazing flavour and get the taste of your favourite dessert while you vape.

Our Products Come In Premium Packaging

Ferrum City is constantly looking for better ways to improve its brand. This is why we not only focus on its taste, but also on the appearance. All of our e-liquids come in amazing packaging. The light shades of colour and high-quality wrapping will appeal to you to buy our products, long before you have even tasted them.


Ferrum City’s use of high-quality ingredients, innovative and well-thought-out flavours, and premium packaging is what makes us the best e-liquid company in all of the UK. If you choose us once, you will keep coming back for more!

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