Vape Your Favourite Dessert Flavour By PUD

For all the dessert fans out there, PUD’s e-liquids are a dream come true. Combining some of the most famous sweet treats, these flavours take you on an experience like never before.


In addition to our products being superior over many others, we also provide our customers with variety. No one wants one or two options to choose from, and people prefer browsing through various flavours before deciding on one. We understand that and bring to you a vast variety of dessert flavours sure to make your mouth water even before you take a puff. Here are a few that we highly recommend you try!

1.   Vanilla Custard

Who does not love vanilla custard? The lovely flavour of custard, combined with the decadent scent of premium vanilla is something that will be sure to impress and make you fall in love. Vanilla custard is one of the most favourite delicacies in the world, and now you can taste that amazing flavour in your vaping device.

2.   Cinnamon Bun

This flavour will transport you back in time to the lovely smell of lovely cinnamon buns being prepared in your grandmother’s kitchen. Every puff tastes of fresh cinnamon buns dusted with finely powdered sugar. This flavour is absolute bliss and will make your taste buds explode. Moreover, we make sure it is not too sweet and has a nice aftertaste, making you remember it long after you have vaped.

3.   Strawberry Milk

We combined strawberries and milk to remind you of those sweet summer mornings as a kid. The taste of velvety smooth milk combined with freshly hand-picked strawberries will make you fall in love with this flavour. Your taste buds are in for a surprise with this one!


We know our customers want the absolute best and are keen on fulfilling their demands and requirements. This is why every e-liquid available at Juicedoutvapes is made from premium quality ingredients.

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