Candy Geek E-Liquid in 100ml comes with zero nicotine and is one of those e-liquids that come in the shake & vape format. This range of e-liquids has new and exciting flavours that can take you on an enchanting ride and offer you an experience like never before. You have an option to incorporate a nicotine shot. If you add nicotine, you have to shake it vigorously to ensure the homogenous distribution of nicotine throughout the e-liquid.

Products Available At Juiced Out Vapes

At Juiced Out Vapes, we have a wide range of flavours available in Candy Geek 100ml E-liquids to satisfy your vaping needs. We have various e-liquid flavours, where you can find one that suits you the best. We have:

          For the fans of a bittersweet experience, this is the perfect hit. The sugar rush of delicious blueberry in an infusion of a fruity e-liquid is all you need.

          The perfect blend of citrus fruit can freshen you up and rejuvenate your soul.

          A refreshing candy e-juice with a blend of citrus lime and fizzy cola.

          Reminisce your childhood with the perfectly sweet drumstick e-juice and soothe your sweet tooth.

          Blazin offers you the perfect blend of raspberry, blueberries, and ice made into a candy flavoured e-liquid.

          It is a distinct blend of berries with a soft undertone that can make your day.

Juiced Out Vapes Is Your Perfect Solution

Does this exciting range of flavours tempt you? Do you want to give these a try and enhance your vaping experience? If so, make your way to Juiced Out Vapes, where we have this exquisite range of flavours waiting for you. Shop from us to ensure the purchase of authentic products. Order your favourite e-juice now before we run out!

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