8 Sweet E-Liquid Flavours By Charlie’s Chalk Dust to Check Out

8 Sweet E-Liquid Flavours By Charlie’s Chalk Dust to Check Out

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a brand that began as a venture into alternative forms of smoking. Some former smokers, who wanted to create the ultimate vaping experience, joined together to start Charlie’s Chalk Dust.

They knew the harmful effects of regular cigarettes and wanted to get away from that to vaping, which was safer and allowed former smokers to wean off nicotine. That motivation to create that ultimate experience for the smoker is what’s known as the foundation.

They worked hard to create alternate flavours that would blow people away, and they succeeded. Let us look at some of the flavours that have become iconic in the flavoured e-juice community.

Here are eight popular e-juices by Charlie’s Chalk Dust that you should check out:


Do you like menthol? Is it one of your favourite flavours? Well, Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s Black ice is a brilliant twist on the traditional menthol flavour. It adds a sharp shot of blackberry to the menthol and then cut it with a sweet cucumber flavour. This exciting flavour is available in a 70VG/30PG mixture, which is excellent to use on a sub-ohm atomiser, and it will produce thick clouds.


Remember candied green apples? The tangy flavour. The sweet and sour notes. If you love candied apples, then this is the flavour for you. Available also in a 70VG/30PG mixture, this is the candy flavoured treat to remind you of those Halloween nights, trick or treating.


Sometimes simplicity is elegance; King’s Bellman provides a smooth and luxurious taste to your taste buds when it combines vanilla with brown sugar. It is a classic taste that, when you combine with authentic tobacco, creates a rich vapour that will tickle your throat.


Are you in the mood for breakfast but don’t want to make a bowl of cereal? Do you want something that is just as savoury, sweet, and creamy tasting as the bowl of cereal? This moustache milk e-liquid by Charlie’s chalk dust is that flavour for you. One of the best selling dessert-flavoured vape juice that we have, this one will hit the sweet spot, and you won’t even have to spill any milk.


If you want a hit of nostalgia with a hit of flavour, then maybe you should consider this candy sherbet meringue pie. The perfect flavour to give you a sugar rush that you might’ve missed. The vapour clouds of this won’t be too bad either. And you will be left with a sweet aftertaste that you will feel in your throat.


Do you like granola bars? Do you like the taste but hate the way they crumble and make a mess? This is a honey flavoured granola bar like e-juice, with some sweet vanilla undertones there. There isn’t a crunch, but this honey flavour will combine well with the throat hit you get.


There are many flavours out there, but one of the more underrated flavours is definitely this one. A mixed berry wedding cake flavour is bound to be interesting. Wedding cakes are always rich and tasty, and this flavour definitely lives up to the hype that its name creates. It’ll feel like a little wedding celebration in your mouth, without all the muss and fuss of a real wedding.


Who doesn’t like cookies? And cookie butter is definitely a tasty thing that is spreadable or mixable into many recipes. Well, now you don’t have to go through all that hassle and just enjoy the buttery and thick taste of cookie butter through Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juice. This one is made for those who have a sweet tooth and just can’t get enough.


These are just some of the brilliant flavours by Charlie’s Chalk Dust that are available in our collection. If you are someone exploring around for new and interesting flavours, we at Juiced Out Vapes have a whole assortment of flavours from Charlie’s Chalk Dust and many other brands that are sure to give you that tasty hit you are looking for.

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