8 Great E-Juice Flavours By Major Flavour to Get Now

As one can probably tell by the name, Major Flavour is a brand from the UK, with its branding being military-styled art.

Major Flavour E-liquid is a brand that was created by the people at The Custard Company. They wanted to cater to a certain demographic within the UK vape community. And with their custom custard blends and focus on making e-juices that have a higher VG content.

Here are eight Major Flavour vaping liquids that might interest you:


When it comes to fruit flavours, there aren’t many that do it better than Major Flavour. The Mangice flavour is something unique. It brings together the flavour of ripe and juicy mangos that will make your mouth water and a cold, icy blast that will send shivers down your throat and your spine. If you are looking for a truly unique fruity experience, then Mangice is the one for you.


Combining different flavours is something of a speciality of the Major Flavours brand. They bring together combinations in very exciting ways. Like Chapple, this is a combination of the sweet notes of fresh cherries, combined with the sour ways of a ripe red apple. Perfect for a summer day, this one is sure to touch your tastebuds.


Combing flavours and tropical fruits is basically a signature of major flavours, and they certainly don’t disappoint. In this cheekily named ‘Tropic ‘Thunda’ vape juice, there is a wide variety of different tropical fruits mixed. Experience the tropical jungles and beaches and their delicious fruits, all from a vape juice bottle.


Blue fusion brings about an exciting twist of berries. Yes, berries are some of the most popular e-liquids out there. And combining them really gives one a unique hit to their throat. Blue Fusion by Major Flavours twists together raspberries and blueberries, two amazing flavours that will hit all the right sweet and sour notes going down.


Though fruit flavours are their speciality, sometimes Major Flavour experiments, and what comes out is something to really pay attention to. Citrusy lime and fizzy, sharp cola combine to give you the titular Limecola that is sure to be a tangy experience to go down your throat. And its 70VG/30PG mixture will allow you to create thick clouds while maintaining the interesting flavour.


Beetle juice is the ultimate explosion of flavours that Major Flavour offers. It combines pretty much every sweet and fruit that you can think of. And the punch it packs will have you reeling pleasantly and going back for more. Beetle Juice is one of the most popular Major Flavour e-juices out there, and it is plain to see why.


There is nothing better than combining two surprising flavours and having them work out pleasantly. That is what Strawnana does with its notes of juicy strawberries and flavourful bananas. Strawnana might not be a game-changer, but it packs the punch of one. And it will let you know when that throat hit gets you. And once you’ve had it, you will find it hard to switch to another flavour.


Jolly Apple is what happens when you bring together all the apples. All the sweet and sour notes you could imagine of an apple combined into one, it’s an explosion inside your mouth and will rain on your tastebuds sharply but sweetly. Jolly Apple is what takes apple flavours to the next level with its intense combination of flavours paired with the best vapour producing capabilities that an e-liquid with 70VG has.


If you are in the market for new and interesting e-liquids, then Major Flavour should definitely be your next consideration. We also offer a host of other flavours and devices that will complete your vaping experience. Take a look at JuicedOutVapes’ collection now and take your vaping to the next level.