7 Premium E-Juice Flavours By Sirius 44 to Give a Try

Sirius 44 is a vape brand that has gained a lot of hype in the vape community. It is a premium vape brand that aims to create flavours that offer the most visceral vape experience that you can get.

Because of their approach to vape flavours, they are constantly attracting a lot of attention from vapers. Their flavours and their sheer quality has been more than enough to attract customers from all over.

They wanted to create a proper experience for people who wanted to wean off smoking altogether by transitioning to vaping or were complete beginners in the community. Their approach to creating premium quality vape flavours has made them one of the new favourites in the vape community.

Today, we will look at eight of their best and most popular flavours that you should check out:


A classic candy floss flavour that is sure to remind you of the theme parks that you used to go to, this premium 10ml e-juice by Sirius 44 is one to definitely get your hands on. The sugary sweet throat hit is sure to keep you coming back for more, while the 50VG/50PG mixture is perfect for those who want an equal burst of flavour and thick clouds.


Blue sonic brings to you a unique mix of flavours that you’ve never had before, this one is sure to blow you away with its elegant mix of berries and fruits with a dash of that iconic Heisenberg taste. This Sirius 44 RY44 premium flavour is one that you will remember.


This interesting flavour will add a whole new facet to your vaping experience, as it has one of the more unique throat hits that you can experience. This flavour, like almost all of our other flavours, is available in many different variations of nicotine content. From a mild and calm 3mg to a more powerful concentration of 18mg that will help you achieve that visceral experience.


Are you craving a sweet hit? Do you want to experience the classic bubblegum flavour without actually chewing any gum? Do you want to blow vape clouds instead of bubbles? This flavour will surely tick all those boxes. Sirius 44 adds a whole new side to your vaping experience with bubblegum e-juices. The varying levels of nicotine content also allow you to enjoy this flavour however you want, whether it be just a mellow smoke or a dreamy experience.


Bananas are great, so, if you are someone who loves bananas and can’t stop eating them, then this is a great alternative to try. This Sirius 44 Banana flavour will excite your taste buds and make you want to permanently switch over to this e-juice when you experience the hit to your throat and make you not want to go back to real bananas. And its 50VG/50PG mixture will allow for the flavour to carry really well while making great vapour clouds at the same time.


Citrusy flavours are underrated and underappreciated when it comes to vape e-liquids. That is why this is one e-liquid that you have to try. This orange flavour will definitely fizz down your throat and create a pleasant aftertaste that you definitely won’t mind carrying around all day.


Inarguably, the most classic vape taste of all is tobacco. And when a taste is so classic, it becomes hard to improve on perfection, but that is exactly what Sirius 44 RY44 Premium have done. Their commitment to creating the premium experience brings us this unique twist on the classic tobacco flavour.

There are so many amazing flavours out there, these are just some of the brilliant flavours from Sirius 44 that you ought to try out. There are many variations offered by Sirius 44 such as 50ml e-liquid.

The premium 10ml e-liquid by Sirius 44 is the main variation that they offer. And there are many more flavours from them that are available on Juiced Out Vapes. We also offer many other flavour brands and a whole array of vape devices that you can buy today.