Top 6 Flavours Of The Uncle's Vape Co

E-liquids have transformed the way people smoke. They act as the supporting element in electronic cigarettes. E-liquids are found in various nicotine concentrations, so you can choose the strength that matches your needs. One of the well-known names in the e-liquid industry is Uncles Vape Co. They are a popular brand that has gained a significant amount of recognition over the years.

The brand designs its bottles deftly and offers various flavours. Uncle’s is one of the popular ranges manufactured by Nico Hit in the UK. Their first range of e liquids was introduced back in 2012, and since then it has successfully become a favourite e-liquid brand for many. Here are our top picks from the wide variety of e-liquid flavours they offer.  

 Caramel Swirl

This e-liquid has hints of the original caramel flavour. Caramel is produced by heating different sugars into a dense, honey-like brown liquid. Who doesn’t like the soft tingle of sweet and buttery caramel on their tongue? Caramel Scotch flavoured e-liquid by Uncle’s Vape Co provides a strong sweet punch of caramelised goodness. It is one of their classic flavours that is loved by many vapers.

 Lime Ice

Lime ice short fill e-liquid by Uncle’s Vape Co is a blend of all the cool and refreshing flavours. The sharpness of the zesty lime and the fresh kick of menthol is what makes this flavour one of our top picks. This jam-packed flavour provides an intense buzz to the taste buds. Additionally, if you are a fan of citrus fruits, you will love how the flavour sits in your throat and leaves a lasting feeling of freshness.

 Banana Shake:

This is an all-time favourite flavour of vapers. Banana shake provides a mild and sweet flavour on the tongue. The sensation matches that of drinking a frothy and milky banana shake. This e juice not only satisfies your nicotine craving, but your sweet cravings as well.

If you’re a fan of shakes, smoothies and other soft blends, try this flavour. Hints of vanilla ice cream blended with ripe bananas are found in this e juice, which, definitely a treat for shake lovers.

 Cherry Menthol

A diverse flavour that contains both sweet and punchy counterparts. The coolness of menthol hits your throat with the sweetness of cherries to form the perfect blend of flavours. You will crave not just the nicotine, but the cool and pleasant blend of flavours in this e-liquid as well. They are available as 50 ml in a 60 ml short fill bottle. The bottle makes up the room for 1×10 ml Nicotine shots. The flavour itself is perfect for those who like varying flavour combinations.

 Mixed Fruit

A burst of multiple flavours in the same mix is something anyone would like to try. Uncles vape Co provides this e juice flavour, which is a fruity concoction with diverse flavour elements. The flavouring is composed of red and blackberries, various currants as well as citrus fruits.

The punch of the berries with a tinge of lime makes up the perfect blend. If you’re into trying fruit cocktails and love fruit salads, this flavour is a great option. The e-liquid is compatible with sub-ohm tanks and is properly sealed to avoid leakage.

 Strawberry Kiwi Bubblegum

This flavour blend includes the sweet scent and flavour of strawberry with the powerful flavour of a kiwi. It is a delicious bubblegum flavour infused with both tart and sugary notes. Your mouth will water just by the thought of a strawberry kiwi bubblegum flavoured e-liquid by Uncle’s Vape Co.


These are some of our top picks of e-liquids by Uncle’s Vape Co. The company has always stuck to the mantra, “Owned by vapers, for vapers.” This means that they actually understand the mindset of vapers and develop their products with due diligence.

The company ensures that their products are passed through vigorous testing to maintain quality and safety. Their e-liquids are available in concentrations of 70% VG and 30% PG.

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are various other flavours in the Uncle’s Vape Co collection that are worth trying. To explore these options, visit Juicedoutvapes.