Benefits Of Disposable Vapes

As the awareness about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking increases among people, more and more people are inclined towards electronic smoking devices. Vape pens, electronic cigarettes and sub-ohm tanks etc have gained much recognition in the population over the past few years.

As the demand goes up, the vaping industry becomes more competitive and introduces new appliances for vapers. Disposable pods, nicotine salts, mods, vaping kits and coils, etc have all gone through a major period of upgradation.

Several people prefer disposable pods over other devices, as they provide certain benefits. That is why vape shops in the UK have been rapidly stocking them up to improve their customer base. Disposable vapes are the ideal devices for those who are looking for a minimalist approach to vaping. Here we mention some benefits of using disposable vapes, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing.


A common concern of most vapers is the cost associated with their vapes. Milder vape pens, as well as stronger vape pods, can cost you a considerable amount. You will be spending a lot more on these devices than a disposable vape pod.

Most vaping devices last for 1 to 2 years which may make the overall cost reasonable, however, their maintenance is not an easy task. If you consider the costs of refilling and charging, you will find their disposable counterparts a lot better. The initial cost of disposable devices is significantly lower than other vaping devices, and they are a lot less fuss. All you have to do is buy it, vape it, and discard it. Kind of like a conventional cigarette.

 Convenient For Smoking Quitters

Minimal cigarette withdrawal symptoms are noticed in people switching from smoking to vaping. With disposable pens, you have a very similar experience to vapes because of their ease of use and the fact that you can discard them after use. Once the e juice battery depletes, you can discard the vape just like a cigarette. They eliminate the need for constant maintenance like cleaning, refilling, and battery care. Hence, they make a convenient choice for those who want to quit smoking.

 Enjoy A Wide Range Of Flavours:

In other vaping devices, you have to refill the tanks with e juice once it is finished. Disposable vapes come with built-in flavours and do not need to be refilled. Because these devices have a short life, you can buy a different flavour each time. The variety of flavours in disposable vapes is so wide that you can vape for a straight month without repeating any flavour. It allows you to enjoy a different range of flavours from different brands and compare each to find your personal favourites.

 Less Nicotine

As opposed to cigarette smoke, the smell of disposable vapes is not suffocating. The unappealing and pungent smell of cigarette smoke is not only unpleasant, but harmful to the people in your surroundings as well.

Additionally, the amount of nicotine in disposable vapes is a lot less when compared to traditional cigarettes. By inhaling lesser amounts of nicotine, you will be able to easily withdraw from your smoking habit. Vaping allows people to control their nicotine intake and avoid their tobacco cravings. Additionally, you can choose a device based on your preferred nicotine concentration. This is not an option in cigarette smoking, as they contain a specified percentage of tobacco.

 Convenient To Carry

Nobody wants to move around with a 250g vape kit in their bag. Your best bet, in that case, is to use the 20g vaping pens as an alternative. They fit smoothly in small spaces due to their compact design. If you plan to travel light, a disposable vape is an ideal option.

Additionally, the odourless vapour keeps your smell related worries aside and allows comfortable vaping during travels. Whether you’re travelling abroad or just driving to your school, a disposable vaping pen is a perfect option as it can be carried conveniently.

In short, there are various perks and benefits associated with disposable vapes. If you feel like the maintenance and cost of regular vaping kits is not affordable for you, switch to disposable vapes. Buy them from the online store Juiced Out vapes. You can pick a vape pen from our large variety of flavours and brands.