Top E-Liquid Brands To Try

E-liquid is what makes the vaping experience truly amazing. The vaping device is only a vehicle that carries the major element of vaping, called vaping juice. The juices contain nicotine as the base, with various other chemical and non-chemical elements. Food flavouring is also added to these e liquids for the satisfaction of users.

If you’re a regular vaper, you’ve probably already tried various e-liquid brands. However, those who have recently started vaping may need some guidance.

E liquids are produced in different nicotine strengths and flavouring by various brands. Some follow strict testing measures and others do not put much thought into it. The quality of a vaping juice is what distinguishes it from others. That is why, we’ve put together a list of the best E juice brands, so you know what you’re getting yourself into when you buy them.

 All Day Vaping

All Day Vaping is a premium e-liquid brand that uses a mix of 70% VG and 30% PG in its juice mixes. All Day vaping e liquids come in 50 ml bottles and have a secure screw top nozzle to avoid leakage upon falls. Their ever-changing flavour range is what sets them apart from most other brands.

Their e juices come in a variety of flavours. From the basic flavours like menthol to more complex mixes like chocolate fudge brownies for an indulgent vaping experience, everything is available in All Day Vaping. 

They are manufactured and tested in the UK and match the country-specific standards for safety and food manufacturing. High-quality food flavouring and the higher VG ratio is what makes their e liquids perfect for sub-ohm vaping.


The company emphasizes on generating clear and authentic flavours by using all-natural and unprocessed ingredients. This eliminates the bad aftertaste associated with artificial sweeteners. Hence, their e liquids provide the most original taste of the mentioned flavouring elements.

Some of their flavours like Hawaiian pog is what makes this brand famous among English people. This blend mixes passion fruit, guava, and sweet tangy oranges that will make you feel like you’re living in the tropical region of Hawaii. The sensation you will experience with their unique and natural e-liquid blends will make you crave for more.

 Doozy Vape Co

It is a Yorkshire based vaping brand that was introduced a while ago. Their classic flavours blends like Liquid Gold and Greek Delight are the favourites of many people. With time, the producers deemed it fit to add newer additions to their already wide range of flavours. Citrus and tangy flavours like tart yellow citrus and sparkling soda provide a pleasant tongue-tingling sensation. This range is perfect for sour lovers.

Their fizzy Lemon mix maintains a 70/30 ratio of PG/VG, which means that it will not kill your coils even if it’s intended to be used with sub-ohm devices. If you want a different variant with a high nicotine concentration, you can opt for the 50/50 ratio available in nic salts.

 Riot Squad

Riot Squad’s unique packaging and powerful fruit blends make it a cult favourite. Their bestseller flavours include dessert, fruits and beverage blasts. While the shape and appearance of the bottle do not have an impact on the vaping experience, but they certainly make up an eye-catching element.

They have recently introduced a new range of mind-blowing flavours called the Punx. It includes basics like apple and cucumber mind, but also other complex blends including Raspberry, Grenade and Aniseed. Grenade is a unique and delectable blend featuring sparkling lemonade and tangy raspberry notes. These e liquids are now available as nicotine salts of 10 ml, as well as high VG short fills for those who look for a moderate yet high strength mouth to lung vape.

Here are our top four picks for the best e-liquid brands. Some factors make one type of e liquid better than the other. These include the composition, flavouring and PG/VG ratios. You can try one of the above-mentioned brands and then stick with the one you find most compatible with your vaping.

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