Sub Ohm Vaping: An Ultimate Guide

Sub Ohm vaping is famous for producing large volumes of vapour, but this requires a specific type of kit. There are special sub-ohm vape kits to support this vaping style, which allows the vaper to use an inhalation method known as DTL or Direct to Lung vaping. This method is quite different from most smoking techniques since smoking generally uses MTL or Mouth to Lung inhale. This describes the process of inhaling the smoke in your mouth and then breathing it in your lungs before exhaling. On the other hand, Direct to Lung Vaping involves inhaling the vapour deep into your lungs in one breath before exhaling. 

This method is usually not recommended to new vapers as it involves an inhaling style that experienced vapers have difficulty getting used to. With that being said, if you feel like you want to experience a higher volume vapour with lower nicotine strength, sub-ohm becomes a viable option for your vaping needs. You can even use simply premium e-liquids in your sub-ohm vaping kits to make the experience more pleasant.

This blog will give you all the necessary information you’ll need in order to make the transition to sub-ohm vaping. 

Should You Try Sub Ohm Vaping?

This is an important question for people who are looking to transition to sub-ohm vaping. We would never recommend a sub-ohm kit to vapers who aren’t comfortable with the idea. It is generally designed for advanced vapers who have an in-depth understanding of vape kits and are comfortable using a more advanced model of vape kit. So if you are an experienced vaper, there is no reason not to try sub-ohm vaping. It will give you a fantastic vapour production but requires increased set-up knowledge and maintenance.

How Does Sub Ohm Vaping Work?

As you probably already know, a coil found in tanks and pods is responsible for heating the e-liquid, which then turns into an inhalable vapour. However, what you might not have known is that every kit heats up e-liquids at different speeds and creates different types of vapour. For example, if you are vaping simply e-liquids at higher power in a vape device with low coil resistance, you may be able to produce more vapour. Although if you are to do the opposite, you will produce way less vapour. 

So ultimately, both vapour production and the heating rate are decided by the coil’s resistance, which is measured in ohms. Any coil that has a resistance of 1.0 ohm is known as a sub-ohm coil. They are low resistance coils that produces much more vapour than any ordinary vape device. 

Is Sub Ohm Vaping Safe?

Sub-ohm vaping, much like all other types of vaping, is considered 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. It uses the same e-liquid used in most vapes and pods without any additional ingredients. There is also not much change in how your body processes the inhaled vapour. 

A government agency, known as MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory agency), is assigned to moderate the vape products, including the sub-ohm vape kit. They are tested, listed, and tracked by MHRA in order to ensure that only the products that meet the rigorous standards are made available to the vapers. So yes, sub-ohm vape kits are entirely safe for vapers who know and understand them.

Sub Ohm Vape Kits

A sub-ohm vape kit is more than just the coil it uses, as it needs a number of other features to support the said coil. These features are what leads us to recommend sub-ohm vape kits to only experienced vapers. 

The biggest difference between a starter vape kit and a sub-ohm vape kit is the amount of power they give out. Sub-ohm coils will require much more power to heat the e-liquid in order for it to turn into vapour. This means that you can expect a higher wattage output.  

Since the sub-ohm kits are meant to be for advanced vapers, manufacturers use that as an opportunity to create new functions that advanced vapers can easily get to grips with. When these kits are used properly, they offer an amazing custom vaping experience. This way, every vaper can enjoy their sub-ohm vaping to the fullest.

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