7 Best E-Liquid Flavours By Hangsen

Hangsen has been a huge player in the vaping industry since 2005. Back then, the CEO of Hangsen invented a cool new recipe of E-Liquids by using VG/PG bases. This special recipe contributed to giving Hangen E-liquids their unique flavour, which is now recognized all over the world. This brand gained recognition in North America, Europe, and Asia by providing some of the top-class blends of e-liquids. They upheld their positive reputation by ensuring premium quality and signature taste while completely satisfying their customers based all around the world. 

Although when we talk about different blends, everyone has a hard time differentiating between the good and best. Finding the perfect flavour according to your taste buds means that you have to test a lot of different e-liquids. This is why Hangsen is the best choice for you. With their large scale production, they have quite a variety of flavoured e-liquids at a low cost. So you can test different flavours without spending too much money. 

Here are seven top-rated e-liquid flavours by Hangsen you should definitely try.


If you are tired of your standard menthol flavour, you should try Hangsen e-liquid’s mint blend. This e juice will indeed excite your taste buds, as it gives the same refreshing vape to all menthol lovers. Mint E-liquid gives you a crisp, clean taste with an amazing hit of mint leaves. This can surely be your new favourite flavour by Hangsen if you are already a fan of menthol blends. 


Is coffee a necessity in your daily life? Well, if it is, you are guaranteed to love Hangsen’s coffee e-liquid. It is considered a must-try for all the coffee lovers out there, as it gives off a beautiful rich roasted coffee flavour. This blend will leave you wanting more and your tastebuds tingling. So start your mornings and finish nights with this amazing flavour!


This flavour has drawn inspiration from the Marlboro cigarette. Hangsen’s USA Mix Eliquid has an amazing tobacco flavour, which is actually perfect for people who are transitioning from cigarettes to vapes or pods. So if you still miss the taste of tobacco cigarettes, USA Mix should be your go-to. It will give you a slightly smokier and drier finish compared to a Marlboro cigarette.


  This e-liquid contains a well balanced and traditional tobacco flavour that is loved by most smokers out there. If you are ready to give up the harmful effects of a cigarette but not quite ready to give up the flavour, Hangsen’s tobacco e-liquid is perfect for you. It holds quite a bit of resemblance to a tobacco cigarette without any harmful side effects. This great all-day vape will have you coming back to it again and again.


Who doesn’t love a classic vanilla flavour, be it in ice cream or an e-liquid? Well, everybody does, which is why Hangsen introduced this flavour. This can also be an excellent first e-liquid for when moving away from tobacco blends. Hangsen’s vanilla e-liquid is smooth and creamy with a fantastic fresh vanilla pod flavour. 

Fruit Mix

If you love fruits as much as you love vaping, Hangsen’s fruit mix e-liquid has got your back. It has a perfect balance of the most exotic tropical fruits, including banana, watermelon, pineapple, peach, and so many more. The e-liquid gives your mouth a burst of flavour with every hit and give you the most amazing cloud. This is another vape juice you would never get tired of, as it is not too sweet and gives an amazingly smooth throat hit. 

Juicy Peach

If you have never tried fruity e-liquids, you are truly missing out. Juicy peach is another fruity flavour from Hangsen’s collection that is simply delicious. The light peachy aroma of this blend is mouth-watering and gives off a fantastic throat hit. Once you try Hangsen’s juicy peach e-liquid, you will agree that it is a vape juice that you could happily vape all day.

There are many other e-liquid blends by Hangsen that are absolutely worth it. Try them out yourself and indulge in a fantastic collection of these amazing e juices. You can find Hangsen’s most exciting flavours at Juiced Out Vapes!