New To Vaping? Here’s How You Can Have The Perfect Vaping Experience As a Beginner

Vaping scene is welcoming new entrants day in and day out. The scene is growing globally, and more and more people and enjoying the experience of taking a hit and blowing a massive cloud up in the air. Newbies are, however, expected to maintain a little caution. 

This article offers some tips for the ones who newly got affiliated with the vape community. While the experience is awesome, you need to be a little vigilant with the vapes so that you can have maximum fun. Here’s how you can have the perfect vaping experience as a beginner:

Don’t Buy Cheap E-liquids

There are a lot of cheap e-liquids in the market that can tempt you with their prices. It is best to steer clear of them. They can cause your health some damage since you don’t know what’s in them. The premium e-liquids only use medical-grade nicotine and are approved by health regulatory authorities. 

Cheap e-liquids can also spoil your devices fast, and you may end up being sour towards the vape scene. Only purchase premium liquids to have the best flavours and the best vaping experience. For instance, PREMIUM 10ML E-LIQUID BY SIRIUS 44 delivers the best results. Check out the range that the company offers and get your hands on the flavour that you feel is best for you!


The vape scene offers a plethora of e-liquid flavours. That’s the beauty because with vapes, it’s all about the taste. You need to jump to new flavours and keep it exciting for yourself. After all, the key factor that makes vaping so alluring and irresistible is the flavours that the vaping scene offers. 

It’s never a dull day in the vaping scene, and you can experience this by experimenting with new exciting flavours. As a newbie, you may be tempted to stick to certain flavours. Sure, you can spot some safe flavours but don’t limit yourself!

Know the PG and VG

Not all e-liquids deliver the same results. Some are made to deliver massive clouds. Some are there to please your brain cells with nicotine and not produce heavy clouds. All that depends on the PG and VG ratios of the flavour that you have. 

If you need better throat hits, then go for the one with more PG. If clouds are what you chase, then have the e-liquid with high VG. It’s all a personal preference, and knowing the PG VG ratios can really enhance the experience.

Clean the Tanks and Change the Coils

This point isn’t relevant if you are using the portable devices where you plug a pod, use it and discard it when it’s burnt out. This is for the newbies who entered the scene with the tank mods. Tank mods need maintenance if you want them to deliver brilliant results and last longer.

Make sure that you clean the tanks regularly so that it delivers great performance. Plus, regular cleaning reduces the chances of any unwanted leaks!

Also, never use vapes with used up coils. That’ll give you a burnt taste, and you may end up hating the vape scene altogether. Always replace the coils when it’s time to have the best experience.

Look out for the Battery Points And Have Spare Batteries

Check your battery connections for any flavour leaks and clean them regularly to ensure that your device lasts long!

Also, have spare batteries handy in case the ones that you regularly use run out of charge or go bad. Plus, if you are outdoors most of the time, then making the right battery arrangements can prove to be a super wise decision!

Final Words

Having the best vape experience as a newbie is all about going all in. Have fun discovering the scene and connecting with fellow vapers. Just keep the above-mentioned points in mind, and you’ll have an amazing ride into the vape world!