Pros Of Switching To Vaping From Smoking

For decades, smoking has been considered a curse for this planet and human health. Having several drastic detrimental effects, smoking is harmful to you and your surroundings and very hard to quit. Because of their nicotine cravings, smokers find it terribly difficult to quit smoking. It wasn’t possible until the invention of vapes and E-cigarettes that a smoker could think of quitting and still satisfy his nicotine cravings. Along with all its appealing perks, vaping is less harmful than smoking and open’s a whole new world of delicious flavours and attractive vaping devices. Flavours like Sirius 44 50ml e-liquid provide the consumer with an experience that makes their decision of quitting totally worth it. Here are some pros of switching from cigarettes to vapes:

Vapes Are Cost-Effective:

With the climbing prices of tobacco, cigarettes are becoming expensive day by day. A pack of cigarettes that used. With the announcement of Autumn Budget 2021, the duty rate on all tobacco products is to be increased by the tobacco duty escalator of 2% above RPI inflation, which will directly affect the prices of cigarettes. Vapes, on the other hand, contain no tobacco and will remain to be an affordable option. This doesn’t mean that vapes are available at low prices. Initially, to buy a vaping kit and e-liquids, you will require a good amount but looking at the bigger picture, it’ll cost you less than cigarettes.

Vapes Offer Variety:

If you’re a smoker, admit it or not, but you might have found yourself bored of the same type of cigarette every day. Even if you switch brands, there is no significant change, and almost all cigarettes have the same smoky-tobaccoish taste. In contrast with this, vaporisers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, strengths, and flavours, making them way more appealing than cigarettes. Anyone who wants to quit smoking and switch to a better alternative has no better option than a vape. From disposable pods to rechargeable mod kits, a vast range of devices provides you with different experiences.

They Satisfy your nicotine cravings:

With other ingredients like VG, PG, and flavouring being totally safe, nicotine is still considered a controversial ingredient of e-liquids. Though It is addictive and most people consider it unsafe, it is one of the safest drugs to consume. Its effects are neither poisonous nor toxic other than it is addictive. When we talk about the harm cigarettes cause, it’s mostly due to the presence of other harmful components like tar and carbon monoxide and not primarily because of nicotine. However, consuming high levels of nicotine may be harmful, but this is not the case with vaping. Even if you’re vaping with a high nicotine liquid, There is no chance you can poison yourself. Vaping allows you to satisfy your nicotine cravings without having to inhale the other injurious components. Also, there are e-liquids such as Premium 10ml E-liquid by Sirius 44 which deliver you just the right amount of nicotine according to your requirements.

Their aroma and taste are better:

Smoking can get boring beyond a point because there is nothing new to discover and try. Vapes, on the other hand, come with a never-ending variety of E-liquids that have a far better taste than cigarettes. Premium-quality vape juices like Sirius 44 RY44 Premium usually have an inviting and delicious aroma that makes you want to start vaping right away. When discussing E-liquids, no single E-liquid is suitable for all vapers and depends on your requirements. On second thought, this is the most exciting thing about vaping. It gives you the choice of selecting a product that feels like it’s made for you only. This is what makes vaping comparatively much more exciting and enjoyable than smoking.

To wrap up:

In the light of this comparison, it is healthier and wiser to vape than to smoke. If you’re new to vaping and wondering where to buy the best vapes and vaping accessories, Juicedoutvapes has you covered. We’re the best online store for vapes and vaping accessories in the UK. Providing the widest range of vapes, e liquids, vape kits and accessories, we’re one of the best in the business.