Quick and easy vaping guide for everyone

Vape can be baffling and sometimes even intimidating, especially when you have just started it. That is because there are many different terminologies, styles of vaping, and types of products, which can be really mind-boggling for new vapers. 

Since a lot of the aspiring vapers find it difficult to even start vaping, we have collected a list of tips that would make vaping a piece of cake for you. 

However, before we get started with the list, we should first know what vaping is.

What is vaping and how is it done?

Although you might be familiar with the term ‘vaping’, you might still struggle to figure out its meaning.

To put it as simply as possible, vaping is referred to taking in smoke or any vapour produced by the vaporizer. 

Vapour is produced when a solid or liquid substance would turn into gas and hangs in the air. However, what sets vaping apart from the smoker is the type, smell, and thickness of the smoke produced by vaporizers. 

Beginning with vaping

If you want to become an expert in vaping, you should essentially know all the necessary techniques of vapour inhaling.

 There are two most common ways of vaping. The first way or technique works great if your vaping device has a high-resistance coil and it utilizes high content of nicotine. In this method, you draw a nice big vapour in your mouth and keep it there for a couple of seconds. Then you would finally open the mouth and let the smoke spread across your lungs. Once the vapour hits your lungs, just breathe it all out. 

The second technique is more appropriate for relatively larger vapes and it usually comes with coils of low resistance and is also composed of some nicotine particles. Therefore, unlike the former technique, this method is best for you if you prefer to take quick draws. 

These are the top common vaping techniques. If you wonder which one to apply, check for the nicotine in your vape. If it is present in significant levels, you should go for prior or the first technique and if the nicotine level is low, use the second technique, which is also known as the lung inhalation technique. 

Top vaping tips

The world of vaping is certainly very wide and diverse, which is why if you are a beginner it is only understandable if you are intimidated. It can also be a challenge to select an e-liquid that appeals to your taste buds and figuring out the right VG/PG ratio can also pose a challenge. 

  • Buy a good quality E-liquid 
  • It would only require you to spend a few extra pounds to get a premium quality e-liquid from a well-renowned vape shop, like Juicedoutvapes. Buying mediocre quality vapes can not only make you compromise on your vape quality but also puts you at great risk. Moreover, cheaper quality e-liquids are packed with adulterants that can get you really sick. 

  • Select the right flavours
  • E-liquids come in a number of different flavours. Therefore, you need to experiment with them until you choose a flavour that works right for your taste palate. Furthermore, you also get to create custom flavours by matching and mixing together various flavours. 

  • Keep the track of PG/VG Ratios
  • E-liquids with a high percentage of vegetable glycerine or VG lead to thicker smoke. On the other hand, E-liquids with less vegetable glycerine quantity make relatively smaller clouds. The vapours of this e-liquid provide higher VG ratio and are usually better than e-liquids that have lower VG ratio. 

    E-liquids with higher vegetable glycerine can give thicker smoke and offer an enhanced vaping experience, as they are also really sweet. Furthermore, you would not get any allergies by consuming E-liquids that are rich in vegetable glycerine. 

  • Maintaining E-liquid 
  • Vaping is not just about buying great e-liquids, acts like shaking the e-liquid before each use are also recommended. Furthermore, you also need to get the right balance of VG and PG. You are also required to ensure that your  E-liquids, like Koncept xix E-Liquid, are stored in the right appropriate atmosphere, where it is away from moisture and sunlight. You should also prevent leaving your e-liquids open. If abandoned for more than half an hour, it starts to go bad and ruins your entire vaping experience. 

    To sum it all up, if you want to switch vaping, always get premium-quality e-juice rather than tempting and going for cheaper alternatives.

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