How to keep your Vape Coils from Leaking?

Vapers often wonder what causes the coils of their vapes to leak and how you can refill the tank. Vapes have an in-built central tube that extends from the coil towards the mouthpiece. If your e-liquid gets into your mouthpiece, you would likely get into a lot of trouble with gurgling and leaking. 

These problems might seem too complicated to be solved, however, the solution to all the similar problems is rather simple. First off, whenever you fill-up the tube, just make sure the e-liquid is not spilling into the central tube. While filling your e-liquid, first try to tilt your glass at 45 degrees. This will get all the e-liquid to run down inside your tank without getting at the centre of the tube. 

Secondly, as you are filling the e-liquid, very gradually straighten your tank so you do not get any e-liquid spill. After you successfully get all the e-liquid down the central tube, get your excess cleared by:

  1. Holding a piece of tissue at the and get the excess out of your bottom. 
  2. Flick your tank into the tissue paper. 


  •  Prevent overfilling your tank 
  • New vapers are often under the impression that adding more and more e-liquid would get them a better and better experience, however, this is not how things work. As matter of fact, it is really important to leave some vacuum inside your tank as it is helpful to hold the e-liquid in the chamber. 

  • Get everything tightened up 
  • Another basic issue that could lead to leaking is losing components. That is because when not every component is screwed up accurately, gaps start to appear. Consequently, those gaps, especially the ones present at the junction where the base coils meet the tank, can be more than enough to create leaking. 

    Therefore, you should take your time and make sure every component is fitting snugly when the coil and tank are attached together. Moreover, you ought to also get your coil head checked, especially if there is nothing that you have specifically done, as the connection might get loose if you try to unscrew the tanks yourself. 

    1. Avoid over-tightening

    There is a component called O-rings, which are made out of tiny rubber and could be found near threading where both components of the tank could meet. These O-rings are basically the key of an ideal seal and therefore its job is to decrease the chance of leaking. 

    You should always make sure that this seal of your vape is perfectly intact, however, avoid the overtightening, for nothing damages these little helpers like overtightening. A tiny break or a little crack gives the vape juice an escape route, which would lead to leaking of e-juice into your pocket or bag. 

    Although there is a very ambiguous line between tightening and over-tightening, you should just try to screw everything firmly without putting too much pressure or strength onto it. Therefore, just try screw everything nice and tight rather than hulking out on it. 

    1. Leave your tank erected upside down

    Whether you are using your vape and it is standing idly in a corner, just try to make sure that it is always in a vertical position. 

    Although this barely makes a difference on a completely filled tank, it certainly has a significant effect if the tank is partially filled. That is because the coil has juice holes or ports in them and the holes get covered with E-juice when the tank gets full, thereby it gets very hard for e-liquid to escape. 

    However, when e-liquid is partially filled, some e-liquid seeps out of the holes and easily transfers through the coil and into the central tube. 

    1. Use right coils for right E-liquids

    A lot of the tanks come with replaceable coils that have different resistances. Every coil is suited for different things. For instance, in terms of usage coils, high resistance coils almost imitate a cigarette. Similarly, vaporisers with her VG vaporise the e-juice super quickly. 

    No matter what E-liquid you use, be it the Riot Squad Punx E-Liquid or any other great E-liquid or vaping device, leaking is inevitable after a certain period. However, by following the above-mentioned tips you can reduce the chances of leaking.

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