There are specific terms and languages that vapers used to explain certain things. As beginners, people often get confused when they visit a vape store for the first time. Terms that a vape store keeper uses are often difficult to understand for a new vaper. If you are not a vape nerd, you may come across specific terms that you are hearing for the first time you decide to start vaping. Even if we get used to vaping, there are still some terms that we don’t understand. 

Hence, the reason behind this blog is to explain specific terms related to vaping. So, if you plan to quit cigarettes and start vaping, you have come to the right place. So, let’s start. 


When you start vaping for the first time, you should start with starter kits. Generally, starter kits have pen-like shapes, and they are pretty small compared with other vapes. The operations of these devices are pretty simple and easy to understand and use. You fill a starter kit with e-liquid and start smoking. 


You will hear this term a lot when you visit a vape store. Now, this type of vaping is associated chiefly with smoking simulation. This means that when you smoke MTL, you get the flavor of vape but the draws are more restricted as they are in a cigarette. 

  • SUB-OHM:

This word is also ubiquitous among pro-vapers. In general, sub-ohm is a type of vaping when you blow out a lot of smoke with low resistance. A sub-ohm vape device usually has low resistance (1 ohm). As the smoke is dense, you will need more e-juice. That’s why the juice tanks of sub-ohm vapes are comparatively more giant in size. 


This term is essential. The atomizer is a component in a vape then is responsible for turning juice into smoke. As the name suggests, the coil is often known as the burning part of the vape. 


Liquids for vapes come in different sizes, flavours, and chemical compositions. As a beginner, simply understand that different liquids are available for different types of vaping (starter kit, sub-ohm, or MTL). The size of the liquid bottle often tells about its vaping type. Another term to understand for liquids is VG/PG ratio (explained later in this blog). For now, understanding different juices will suit different types of vaping. 


VG and PG are two different components that make up an e-liquid or e-juice. Juices that are more suitable for mouth to lung devices are generally higher in PG. On the other hand, if the juice is ideal for a sub-ohm device, it will have a high percentage of VG. VG is responsible for creating the smoke, while PG helps develop the flavour. 

Now, sub-ohms have high VG because such devices operate at high wattage. On the other hand, PG helps create more flavour in low-wattage devices like MTL. 


You will hear the term airflow when someone at the store asks you about what kind of coil or atomizer you are looking for. For example, a person at the store might ask you what kind of draw you like; loose draw or tight draw. Airflow is responsible for providing the hit in vapes. Coils having more significant airflow will provide more vapour. 

  • BOX MOD:

As the term itself explains, the box mod is a device that looks like a box. This device is comparatively the most prominent type of vape that you can find. Sometimes, these devices get so big that they look like actual food operating devices. Box mods generally have more features like adjustable wattage, temperature control, and more battery capacity.


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