Switch to vaping to quit smoking

Switch to vaping to quit smoking

If you are looking to quit smoking, the transition to vapes is an effective way. Cigarettes can be seriously harmful to you, but it is not easy to lose smoking habits for a heavy smoker. Cigarettes contain nicotine that makes the process of quitting smoking even harder.

Thanks to the advancement of e-cigarettes, you get a similar inhaling experience. When using vapes, some e-liquids can be suitable for you. In the UK, 14.7% of the people are smokers, which is around 7.2 million people.

The transition to vaping from smoking is also an easy one because vaping also provides a nicotine rush similar to cigarettes. Hence switching from smoking to vaping can prove beneficial for you but switching in a way that you don’t feel the need for a cigarette is something you can learn here.

Choosing the best vaping style:

There are two major vaping styles involved, and it is imperative to select the right one as per your needs. MTL and DTL are two different vaping styles that control the switching process from cigarette to vaping in making it more manageable.

  1. Mouth To Lung: 

MTL is a simple process of in-taking the vapour in your mouth and then drawing it to your lungs. This process is similar to smoking and provides a tighter inhaling experience, and gives more minor vapour.

Mouth to Lung is an excellent way to go when transitioning from smoking to vaping, mainly because you will quickly adapt its style, as it is familiar to a cigarette. Therefore if you are switching, this is the best option.

  1. Direct To Lung:

DTL is a much deeper inhaling experience. Direct to Lung means the same as it sounds because when using this style, the inhaling is much more profound and loose. This loose inhale bypasses through the mouth and into the lungs directly. 

This vaping style is much more intense and gives more vapour; It is similar to using an inhaler. DTL allows people to blow huge clouds of vapour. If you’re switching from cigarettes, this might not be the best choice right away.

After using MTL, if you choose to up your vaping experience, you can always go towards DTL, but starting it from the get-go might not be the best idea.

Coil Resistance:

Now that we have established that MTL is the perfect vaping style for you (at least for the initial phase) let’s discuss coils. A coil is a small part of the vape that heats the e-liquid to produce vapour. You can get Nicohit E Liquids from Juiced out vapes. Coils need to be replaced eventually, as they have a short life. How long would a coil stay working is dependent on its resistance (in ohms).

If you are going towards the mouth to lung vaping, the coil would be ranging from 1.0-1.8 ohm. The coil is best for less power and tight inhale.

What E-Liquid strength to choose:

If you are quitting heavy smoking, you better choose an e-liquid that fulfils your nicotine cravings. Otherwise, you would end up smoking a cigarette along with vaping. To stop smoking effectively, you need to use e-cigarettes of the same strength.

What’s the best nicotine for you:

There are two significant types of nicotine in e-liquids. Both contain different amounts of nicotine, and as someone trying to quit smoking, you need to decide wisely.

The first kind is called freebase nicotine. It is slow absorbing nicotine that has a deficient level of nicotine. It might be better for someone to start vaping, as this only has nicotine on a lower level.

The second one is nicotine salt, or nic salt for short, but it has a high volume of nicotine that can satisfy your nicotine cravings if you are a heavy smoker. Nicotine e-liquids are designed for mouth to lungs and are a better option for making a switch.

You can always go low to freebase, but for now, it will help you overcome that nicotine itch.

Where to get E-Liquids and Kits:

Many places sell vape liquid in the UK, but if you are looking for a place that provides quality products with guaranteed satisfaction, Juiced out vapes is the best place for you. Juiced Out Vapes provides e-liquids at the best price, so make a switch from smoking now.

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