Expensive mods and tons of vapour, that’s what cloud chasing is. Know that cloud chasing has nothing to do with tornado chasing or looking at the supercell that could turn into a tornado. So, cloud chasing is actually generating heavy, dense vapour using an electronic vape.

People started cloud chasing for fun, but today, many vapers gather around and play cloud chasing as a sport. There are regular competitions worldwide, and players take part in them to find out whose cloud is the thickest. 


Consider the following factors that can affect your vape clouding:


For clouding, always choose the safest batteries. You can visit Juiced Out Vapes and check their batteries collection. 


The ideal ratio of airflow and resistance is required for cloud chasing. If the resistance is low, increase the airflow. Try to balance things. More airflow would disperse the vapour, while little airflow will not produce any cloud at all. 


Remember one thing, the more VG your E-juice has, the more vapour it will produce. Therefore, buy a liquid that has more VG composition. You can try branded E-liquid brands like Kings of Vapour and Vapour King


Professional cloud chasers prefer RDA with airflow control, but you can also try sub-ohm tanks as they slowly catch up in this race. 

  • MOD:

It is crucial to use the right mod for cloud chasing. There are many choices available for cloud chasing mods at Juiced Out Vapes. 


Always make sure that the wicking is proper. Use the perfect material and decent thickness as it is crucial for letting air and e-juice flow to coils effectively. 


There are many options available for coil builds. You can try different things but always keep one thing in mind, less resistance means more vapour. 


As already explained, cloud chasing has become a sport. To master it, you need months of practice. Work on your posture, inhaling and exhaling for the ideal cloud chasing. 


There are some God-gifted people with greater lung capacity. They can quickly inhale and exhale efficiently for a significantly long time. 


Finding the proper airflow may take some time. You need to do experiments, and eventually, you will get the ideal airflow for your lungs. As a tip, remember one thing. Too much airflow can disperse the vapours, and the extremely low airflow cannot make clouds at all. Now, many atomizers don’t include adjustable airflow features. This is where you will have to use your inhale and exhale technique to get the right vapour cloud. 

We have seen some cloud chasers not using the drip tip at all. However, some atomizer builds may make it difficult. If your coil build makes it difficult to remove the drip tip, don’t worry because some brands offer wide bore drip tips specially designed for cloud chasers. 

In the end, know that most cloud chasers prefer 24g wire for coil builds. If you use 26g then try to upgrade it to 24g.


Every master of every field was once a rookie. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner and your skills are not pro-level. You simply keep trying and work on your skills, and one day you will see yourself as a pro cloud chaser. As a beginner, we suggest you use sub-ohm tanks. 

If you are a professional, then using a 0.3-ohm tank is the right choice. As a professional, you must know ohms, watts, and batteries to make sure no accidents occur. 


Cloud chasing is not the same as sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm vaping is easy, but for cloud chasing, you need to be a master. Like every extreme sport, cloud chasing can have high-risk factors too. However, it can be fun if everything goes well, but one must avoid any accidents. To keep things safe, make sure that you use proper equipment for cloud chasing. Never use clone products as they have a high chance of failure. You can visit Juiced Out Vapes to check out branded vaping products.