8 Ways to make your Vape Juice Last Longer during the Pandemic

8 Ways to make your Vape Juice Last Longer during the Pandemic

Even if you have tons of e-liquids in store, there will come a time when you would run out of all of them, especially when you have nowhere to go during the pandemic. You would not take too long to finish all your e-liquids. 

Since one can not go anywhere during the lockdown, vapers find themselves in jeopardy in the pandemic. They cannot go and get their devices refilled and getting the e-juice delivered at home also takes a while. Therefore, it is imperative to stretch out your last bottles of E-liquid. 

Here are the tips. 

  • Stop using super high powered vapes
  • The higher the power of your vape is, the stronger would be the draw of E-liquid. Therefore, during the times when you have a limited stock of E-liquids, you should try to avoid using the powerful vapes or at least try not to use them at their highest power. 

    Although using high-powered vaping devices gives you good control over the vape and you can also have fun with massive cloud production, you should bear in mind that high-powered batteries plough through the vaping juice. 

    Luckily, many modern mods are now coming with relatively lower power settings, which can also be used with varying resistances.

  • Start using vape pens and pods
  • Unlike more advanced vaping devices, pods and vape pens take a lower wattage range and are also relatively more efficient on the juice. Therefore, you should be clever at choosing a device with a lower output of power. 

  • Use little power output
  • Whether you usually use voltage, temperature, or wattage control, if it is your last e-liquid bottle, you would need to take power as low as you can. In other words, the more power you would use, the more E-liquid you would vaporize, and the faster you would run out of your supply. 

  • Use a coil of high-resistance
  • People falsely believe that high-resistance coils would require more power, so they chose not to use them. However, the reality is entirely opposite to this because coil with low wattage settings would not offer them much of a throat hit, making the individual vape more often so they can satiate their nicotine cravings.  

    Therefore, to gain an efficient vaping experience and to simultaneously retain your satisfaction, you should switch to the coil with high resistance. 

  • Use a stronger nicotine strength 
  • Scientists, such as Konstantinos Farsalinos, have instructed the vapers, to use e-liquids with higher nicotine concentration because it ironically lowers their nicotine intake. Now, this might seem strange, but it makes perfect sense because sometimes vapers would switch to lower nicotine strength, only to realize that they are just vaping more often. 

    That is why if you are longing to stretch your e-liquid, choose to get a stronger nicotine strength, as it will reduce the number of straws you intake.

  • Replace your e-liquid with nicotine salts
  • Since nicotine salts deliver fast nicotine and offer smoother hits, it is highly recommended to switch to nicotine salts. 

    This is especially effective if you are trying to make your e-liquid last even longer. However, if you are a vaper for whom throat hit is important, nicotine salts might not be much of a help. 

  • Airflow considerations
  • The power of your battery and the coil you have selected affects the e-liquid quantity greatly. However, the airflow might also have an impact. 

    Many devices with airflow controls get adjusted by a ring present at the base of the tank. Some vapers are convinced that with an open airflow, more liquid is dropped on the coil, which then helps to preserve the e-liquid. Furthermore, the lower wattage you use, the less air you would require. For a good throat hit, it is preferred to opt for reduced airflow. 

  • Safe storing
  • Great E-liquid flavours, such as ultimate puff e-liquid, run out faster than any other e-liquids, therefore, it is best to stock up your favourite e-liquid and keep it stored in the refrigerator. 

    We hope you have found this above list very helpful and you will try to be more efficient about their usage. Juiced Out Vapes is the leading vape company in the United Kingdom, therefore, you can place your trust in our hands

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