5 Best Nic Salt’s Brands

Nicotine salts have recently come to the attention of many vapers. A few years ago, the options for flavours in nicotine salts were limited, which restricted its popularity as well. However, with the rapid introduction of new and interesting flavours, many people have shown a keen interest in nic salts.

If you’ve been considering a switch from smoking to vaping, you will find plenty of reasons for that. Nicotine salts deliver more nicotine than regular vape juices. Some e-liquids like Hangsen e-liquid provide a great vaping experience, however, nic salts exacerbate the nicotine hit better. Each puff is followed by a strong feeling of satisfaction with the minimal vapour production. 

We’ve created a list of the best nic salt brands in this blog, so you will choose wisely when making a purchase.

 Bloom Nic Salts

Bloom nic salts is a premium range of nic salt e liquids. They have a flavour theme that matches the fruity and botanic tone. They have a range of nic salts including sweet fruit blends, juicy and exotic ripe flavours. For a smooth vape, Bloom uses Nicotine salts in a 1:1 ratio of PG and VG. You can use their range with starter kits and low powered pod kits, as their salts are designed specifically for them.

Their brand complies with TDP and their products have been approved by MHRA UK for sales. They are mostly available in bottles of 10 ml. Different nic salt strengths including 10 mg and 20 mg can be bought in Bloom salts.

 NAKED (NKD) 100 Nic Salts

A reputable vape lab in the United States has backed up this well-known brand. Their customer service is talked about in the entire town and their flavour range is impeccable. The quality and diversity Naked 100 offers in nic salts is what attracts most of their customers.

Originality is evident in their blends, and the variety in flavours offers something for everyone. Their collection of exciting and creative blends will help you find your personal favourites.  

 Doozy Nic Salts

Doozy offers vape juices and nic salts in various flavours and strengths. There is menthol, fruit flavours, dessert, candy, cocktails as well as tobacco flavours for smokers. Nic salts by Doozy are available in 50:50 ratios for those looking to quit smoking.

They produce nicotine salts in all sizes from 10 mg to 50 mg. A high VG mix of flavours called Shake and Vape is perfect for those looking for a thick vapour sensation. Their menthol flavours are specifically famous in the UK due to their refreshing aftertaste.

 Pukka Juice Nicotine Salt

The massive brand of Pukka Juice creates good quality nic salts in varying compositions. Their original collection featured high VG nic salts, some of which have been their best selling products. Their creative blends include Blaze no Ice/Rainbow Blaze, Blaze, Tropical and Lime Lemonade.

They’ve now been creating nicotine salts in the standard ratios of 50% VG and 50% PG. Pukka uses high-quality food flavouring to ensure the best experience for its customers. They create perfect blends for amazing mouth to lung vaping.

 Professor Pep Nic Salts

Professor pep e liquids provide a smoother hit by using salt nicotine in their blends. They are available in strengths of 10 mg and 20 mg. This allows you to match your preferred nicotine strength with your favourite flavour.

The nicotine strength in their salts includes a 60% VG concentration, which is a bit higher than most other brands. Additionally, they are compatible with mouth to lung kits like vape pens and pod kits. A clear and strong flavour with a discrete vapour production is what sets their e-liquid blends apart.

The range of flavours includes berry, bubblegum, cherry, double mint, strawberry, and menthol etc. There is a no flavour blend in their range as well for those who do not prefer flavoured nic salts.

Here’s a brief list of the best nic salts in the industry. You should try each brand before forming an opinion. Once you find the nic salt that is compatible with your personal flavour, your vaping experience will significantly improve. If you want to buy from the best collection of nic salts, visit Juicedoutvapes. We are an online vape store selling all kinds of e liquids, vaping pods and nic salts.