5 Tips To Use Your Vape Batteries Safely

Convenience is key in external battery-powered vaping devices because you can quickly switch out a drained cell for a newly charged one. Furthermore, since external batteries are not reliant on the shorter internal battery life cycle, they end up lasting much longer overall.

Although these benefits are vital for vapers and the planet, it's important to remember that vape batteries are potent tools. They should always be handled with care, just like any other tool. So how do you use vape batteries safely?

  1. Avoid Carrying Vape Batteries in Your Pocket

Never carry batteries without a case, as they may explode if they come into contact with other metal objects. If you keep them in your pocket or purse, keep them away from coins or any other type of metal. This is because short circuits can happen when the battery's internals are touched by metal. You can find plastic cases for batteries at most vape shops and online retailers.

In addition, when your cell phone is in your pocket, it's a good idea to lock or turn it off. This will prevent any changes to your vaping device that could change the voltage.

  1. Never Overcharge Your Batteries

Your batteries could be damaged if you overcharge them, which is dangerous. Once fully charged, be sure to keep them from being plugged in. Batteries should never be left overnight to charge.

  1. Turn Off Your Vape Battery When Not in Use

This only applies to those e-cigarettes that have a manual battery. If your e-cigarette has an automatic battery, then there is no need to worry, as the pressure sensor will activate when it senses you begin vaping. A manual battery, on the other hand, needs you to press a button on the side of the e-cig for it to work; usually, this button must be pressed again upon inhalation. To avoid accidental discharge or wastage of vape juice, you should turn off your e-cigarette when not in use.

 Most vape batteries can be locked or turned off by rapidly pushing the power button 3-5 times. The battery can then frequently be unlocked by repeating this step. Your particular mod or kit's provided instruction manual will have different directions on how to complete this task.

  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

The batteries we use in vaping devices are not intended to be stored in very hot or cold conditions. This suggests that you keep your batteries out of direct sunlight and keep them cool. Avoid keeping batteries for a lengthy period in places prone to become very hot, like the inside of a car.

  1. Never use batteries that are damaged or have come into contact with liquids.

Never use a battery that has been wet or moistened in any way. Examine your e-cigarette batteries regularly; if any damage is discovered, dispose of them properly.

If you drop your battery or vape kit, it may build up pressure, overheat, or explode. Check for damage before using it again—if there is any doubt, replace the item.


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