Best Nicotine E-Juices For Heavy Smokers

If you're a heavy smoker who wants to switch to vaping, you'll need something right once to quell your nicotine cravings. However, everyone has different tastes.

Beginners enjoy vaping tobacco nic salts as well as fruity flavours. However, you've discovered that when you compare the two flavours, chain smokers favour nicotine salts because they give them more throat hits. Nic salts are the most outstanding choice for folks who enjoy inhaling something fruity, minty, and sharp in the throat.

This blog will cover the best nic salts flavour on our website. But, also try Strapped E Liquid, which is suitable for both pros and beginners. 

What Is Nicotine Salt

The far less volatile nicotine salt is a much better alternative to freebase. The nicotine receptors in your body require higher temperatures to evaporate, making the ions difficult to transport there. Nicotine salts do work well for delivering nicotine.

The best and most popular nicotine salt flavours are listed here. Avoid taking a chance on buying standard e-juices if you are starting out vaping to test these and appreciate them. 

  • Frooti Tooti nicotine salt 
  • Pear Elderflower by Bloom nic salt
  • Purple Rain UK labs nic salt
  • Strawberry Kiwi nic salt
  • Tobacco by Soltz premium nicotine

Premium Tobacco Juice

If you decided to swap smoking for vaping and are looking for a tobacco-flavoured nic salt e-juice for an instant throat hit, this one is for you. It provides you with a better taste than regular cigarettes, so premium tobacco is the perfect option for those who want to quit smoking. 

If you are a chain smoker, you will hate the dry hit you get from regular smoking, but in vaping, you never feel this because of VG. We recommend you try Tobacco by Soltz; it has premium-quality nicotine that will blow your mind.


Ice Nic Salt

One of the most popular flavours in the vaping lineup, menthol keeps your lips feeling fresh. This flavour will make you feel refreshed whenever you vape, and the good news is that you won't ever smell bad like you would from cigarette smoke. Menthol e-juices come in various flavours, but we suggest giving icy menthol nic salt a try.


Fruity Nic Salt 

The Fruit-flavoured nic salts we have mentioned will give you a sweet taste with a harsh hit on your throat. Fruity juices are the top choice of the most popular vapers as they love to chase new flavours. 

When you visit,, you will find a variety of fruit flavours like berry, watermelon, kiwi, peach, strawberry, lychee, and much more. No matter which flavour you choose from our website, each nic salt juice will give a fantastic experience. The good news is that when you browse our website, you will be pleasantly delighted to find plenty of fruity flavours to pick from because we provide every juice you could need.


Final Words 

Some vapers enjoy trying out several juices at once in search of the one that stands out among the rest. For some, though, we want to skip the unnecessary fluids and go right to the e-liquid they're looking for.

You can get our assistance if you are looking for the best e-juices. We recommend you try Hangsen double menthol 10ml. It is an intense menthol liquid that gives you a punch of clean, crisp taste. We have a variety of juices, and you can get your favourite one according to your choice.