4 Tips for Making Your Vape Coils Last

Vaping is a famous and inexpensive substitute for cigarettes. With vaping, vapers face only two recurring expenses after purchasing a battery: coils and e-liquid. It would help if you replaced them frequently when you are running short. You often must replace the coil and e-liquid depending on the time you vape.

While replacing your E-liquids such as Nicohit E-liquid or Tobacco E-liquid is simple, how frequently a coil needs to be changed is a question often asked by new vapers. If you're observing that your coil is quickly burning out, some methods will help you to maintain your coil for a longer time, and you won't need to buy a new one.

  1. Avoid Sweetened Vape Juice

The best way to make your coil last longer is to stop using sweetened e -liquids. Today most e-liquids are too sweet and taste like real candy when it hits the tongue. Of course, it gives great pleasure to your mouth, but on the other side, it affects your coil harshly. The sweetened taste doesn't vaporise and burn, leaving the dark and pasty scum behind.

When this left scum thickens and fills any e-liquid you use, it gives off a burned flavour. The faster the residue forms, the more e-liquid you will use. Because of this, you vape for a more extended period and notice that your coils begin to wear out over time as they produce more clouds than ever. Switch to unsweetened e-liquid instead of sweetened e-liquid for longer battery life.

  1. Regularly Clean Your Coils

The coil must be cleaned frequently. The coils are cleaned with vodka, plain water, vinegar, and traditional warm water. Also, ensure to wet your coil at night to get rid of any e-liquid still on it.

To remove the coil, rinse it under hot, running water to remove as much e-liquid residue as possible. Use warm water, vodka, or vinegar to get rid of any e-liquid still on your coil if it's blocked. Before reattaching your device, dry the coil thoroughly on an absorbent kitchen towel in the air. 

Before replacing, make sure to wet the coils once or twice. If you do, the wicks will be better at absorbing e-liquids. In addition, if your coil burns, you cannot recover it by cleaning it; instead, you must replace it.

  1. Turn Your Battery Power Down.

To extend the lifespan of your coil, lower the battery power setting. More heat is delivered to the coil when you vape at a higher wattage. When vaping at a higher wattage, the wick may occasionally survive to absorb the e-liquid quickly. When the flavour is diminishing, the coil typically becomes dry. Therefore, reduce the battery's wattage to extend the coil's lifespan.

  1. Avoid Burnt Or Dry Hits.

Dry hits occur when there is not enough juice in the coil to get heated. Instead, the coil heats the wicking material, which creates a sour taste. Always keep the vape full or half full so you vape liquid instead of a blank wick. When your coil gets low, always immediately fill it with juice.



Following these four easy steps, you can keep changing your coils more often. While a burned vape coil cannot be fixed, maintaining and priming your coils can prevent them from burning.

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