How To Pick The Right E-Liquid For Your Needs?

It might be a little intimidating and overwhelming if you've recently purchased your first vape kit and are looking for the best vape juice for your device.

Where do you begin with all of the new vocabularies to learn and hundreds of flavours to pick from? For this, we at Juicedoutvapes have put up an e-liquids guide to clarify things.

During your time as a vaper, e-liquid will be the most expensive product you purchase. While many vapers have favourite varieties of e-liquid that they're glad to buy, again and again, others discover that constant experimenting is what adds the most pleasure and excitement to the vaping experience. If you fall into the second category, you'll want to keep an eye on the most popular e-liquid flavours in the UK because that's how you'll find the newest and best e-liquid brands.

So, if you enjoy the experience of purchasing a new e-liquid, this is the shopping guide for you.

Identifying The Ideal E-Liquid For Your Needs

The first thing you should know about purchasing the best e-liquid flavour is that the taste is only a minor portion of the puzzle. You can't just buy the first vape juice with an appealing flavour profile because different vape kits function best with different types of e-liquid. Follow this simple three-step approach to ensure you always get the right e-liquid for your device.

  • Select the appropriate nicotine strength and type for your equipment. Larger vaping devices are always better with lower nicotine strengths, whereas smaller vaping devices are better with greater nicotine strengths. If you use a small device, you should probably buy nicotine salts. This is because nic salts enable lower-output vape starter kits to deliver more throat hits.
  • Select the appropriate PG/VG ratio for your device. The PG/VG ratio of e-liquid is usually printed on the label. If you're unsure what to get, a 50/50 mix works nicely with most vaping devices. You can also opt for a 70 VG e-liquid like Burst my Bubble E-Liquid for sweet tasty flavours.  
  • Select an e-liquid flavour that appeals to you. There is a vast range of different vape juice flavour profiles on the market today, which is what you'll learn about next.

Popular E-Liquid Flavour Profiles

Before you start looking for a specific e-liquid to test, you should have a concept of the type of flavour profile that will appeal to you. With that in mind, knowing about the basic flavours offered is the most straightforward approach to getting started. Written below are the most popular e-liquid flavour profiles in the UK.

Tobacco E-liquid

Tobacco e-liquid combines food-grade flavouring ingredients to provide a flavour profile similar to cigarettes, cigars, or pipe tobacco. It's crucial to note that no food flavouring can entirely mimic tobacco smoke's flavour because the smoke contributes much of the flavour when you smoke a cigarette. Nonetheless, many vapers believe that tobacco vape juice flavours are equally pleasurable as the real thing since their nutty and rich flavour notes hit the tongue the same way real tobacco does.

Menthol E-liquid

Menthol e-liquid contains cooling menthol, which provides the same cold sensation in the throat as smoking a menthol cigarette. In some situations, a menthol e-liquid will have a tobacco base flavour to simulate smoking as closely as possible. However, in other cases, menthol vape juice will lack the tobacco flavour totally and instead have a minty base flavour. When purchasing menthol e-liquids, you'll notice that they come in various intensities. Some are mildly chilly, while others are far superior to any menthol cigarette.

Drink E-liquid

This category contains some of the most inventive flavour profiles available in the vape juice business. For example, adding a creamy accent to a coffee e-liquid can result in a flavour profile that tastes like drinking a cappuccino. On the other hand, a fruity beverage flavour profile can be increased with menthol to give the e-liquid a chilly finish.

Fruit E-liquid

If you want a vape juice that tastes like a delicious strawberry or similar fruit, you might want to go with fruit e-liquid. Fruity e-liquids are today's most popular vape juice flavours, which is understandable given the variety offered in this flavour category. You can buy a fruit e-liquid that tastes virtually exactly like any fruit you can think of.

Conclusive Thoughts

Given the above information, we hope you can now easily find what sort of e-liquid you want and what profile matches your preferences. Once you understand the above criteria, you will quickly get to know your desired flavour. 

We at Juicedoutvapes have a plethora of flavours from all the renowned brands. If you are looking for a vast range of flavours from a single brand, try Joosy E-liquid. They are known for their multiple flavour profiles.