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Experience the guilt-free and easy way to fulfil your nicotine cravings with Killa! Their discreet nicotine pouches fit easily under your lip, so you can satisfy your craving without the need for cigarettes or vaping.

Killa pouches provide a burst of flavour and nicotine and come in a variety of delicious flavours. Plus, they are made with high-quality ingredients, are tobacco-free and smokeless, and have a reduced environmental impact. Try Killa today and discover the convenient way to get your nicotine fix.

Killa Nicotine Pouches have been designed as an alternative to tobacco products - containing nicotine and flavouring but 100% tobacco-free. Killa nic pouches will assist you in curbing your cravings by satisfying your need for nicotine, which makes them a great substitute for disposable vapes. Using Killa nicotine Pouches is much more discreet than Disposable Vapes or smoking, which means that you can use them any time, anywhere.

Each pack contains 20 flavoured nicotine pouches that come in a convenient carry case, suitable for on the go.


  • Portion Size: 0.8g
  • Nic Content: 16mg/g
  • Nic per Portion: 12.8mg
  • Humidity: 60%
  • Portions per Can: 20 pcs



13 - a powerful premium flavour full of exhilarating Bull drink tones - this is a pouch for the wild and wonderful.

Apple - an intense fresh apple blend for fans of fruity flavours.

Banana Ice - cool creamy blend of velvety smooth bananas with an intense icy finish.

Blueberry - bright blend of juicy blueberries - ideal for lovers of luscious fruits.

Bubblegum - this has to be the most nostalgic nicotine pouch; a bold bubblegum blend, ideal for those with a sweet tooth.

Cola - sparkling soda blend, this classic cola is sure to leave a pleasant taste in your mouth.

Cold Mint - mild mint flavour with a burst of coolness to round out this sweet sensory blend.

Cold X Mint - an intensely icy version of the popular Cold Mint; featuring a blast of frozen flavour.

Frosted Mint - an icy blast of pure minty pleasure leaving you feeling fresh!

Grape Ice - a gorgeous grape blend featuring juicy ripe red grapes and rounded off with a crisp cool sensation.

Mango Ice - a truly tropical tasting blend of exotic mango and invigorating ice that leaves you with a cool aftertaste.

Melon - a mellow yet mouth watering melon flavour that’s sure to satisfy you.

Pineapple - a powerful pineapple flavour that delivers a punch of intense tropical tasting nicotine.

Spearmint - a sweet yet spicy blend of spearmint with a cool soothing aftertaste.

Strawberry Cheesecake - a delicious desserty fusion of sweet strawberry with a biscuity cheesecake base - this is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

Strawberry Lychee - an exotic fruity fusion of familiar sweet strawberries and luscious lychees.

Watermelon - a melt in your mouth (not literally) watermelon flavour featuring the essence of freshly sliced watermelon.

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