Why are tobacco e-liquids so popular?

If you’re someone who recently switched to e-cigarettes and vapes and still carve that certain aftertaste of a real cigarette then you're not alone. A lot of people who switch are accustomed to the fine, smooth taste of real tobacco which an e-cigarette may not provide at all times. However, if you are making the switch you may want to get rid of such a problem since the switch would become useless if you’re not getting real satisfaction. 

Flavoured Tobacco E-Liquid

The race between tobacco companies and E-liquids has been tough and the tobacco industry is certainly evolving. Smokers tend to lean towards a finer quality blend that provides a smooth and satisfactory taste and then continues to satisfy that need for nicotine. For vapers who have switched from tobacco to vapes, are constantly looking for the same satisfaction. The search is constant and is merely a compromise to the real thing. To further disappoint customers certain companies tend to put out blends of tobacco that rarely ever satisfies or even comes close in comparison to the real deal. 

How Your Flavour Is Altered

If you’re a vaping customer who wants to ensure and keep your taste for tobacco intact without the use of extensive nicotine additions, then you should keep an eye out for how the flavours are altered. Keeping the taste of tobacco is nearly impossible when switched to extracts but it can be achieved if purchased by the right provider. To keep things original and right for you make sure you’re targeting the right nicotine strength and adjusting to flavours that suit your palate. Getting the same hit every time may be impossible but you can certainly strive for it by exploring. 

The Don’ts Of Mixing Flavours

Eager vapers tend to jump to the most common approach which is to hoard multiple E-juices. The most common answer as to why they might do this is “to find the perfect match for their years of the developed palate for the real thing”. To make sure you’re keeping yourself on track and finding the right flavour which suits you, you can whip up your blend which will fall right in your alley. With a little research and a mix of a few available recipes, you'll be a master at catering to your needs without falling back to where you started from. 

For those who like a more fruity taste, a normal fruit flavoured e-juice would be perfect but mixing tobacco and fruit will not be the right way to go. They simply do not mesh well. Fruit flavoured E-juices are mass-produced which aren’t of the best blend. They’re practically smoke and fruits. Mixing both of these will throw the balance off and all you will get is a fruit salad with a hint of mild tobacco which isn’t the most pleasant thing to smoke. 

Keep one thing in mind when you’re buying such blends, the higher the price the more the flavouring. This is what a lot of tobacco users run away from. Rich high-quality blends are flavoured intensely with the mentioned adding and have a lot of emphasis on what they’re providing. Make sure you target the low-quality blends which won’t have such an intense flavour and will have a smooth cut on the tobacco edge which is what you might be looking for. Take the suggestion if you’re looking for something sweet but not intense. 

Cherry is rather a mild flavour in itself. It’s sweet but not overpowering and that’s exactly what you should use to balance your E-juice mixture with. The combination makes things so much more enjoyable and not overpowering. It’s a mild sweet ride till the very end.

Conclusive Thoughts.

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