History And Everything You Need To Know About Vapes

Vapes have been around for quite some time now. Over time, several people have decided to switch to vaping as an alternative to bland smoking. The first reason is that vaping is comparatively very easy to use. The second reason being is that vaping is significantly less harmful to health. In all honesty, this invention has proved to be quite helpful, especially for people with addiction. Its back story and history are really exciting, however, only a handful of people are aware of the history and invention of vapes and the vaping culture. 

Initial Stages

Initially, it was the health concerns caused by smoking that gave birth to vapes. Technological advancements also had a part in this but not so much. Now, many years after its invention, you can just suck on your vape and enjoy the experience. Unlike cigarettes, where you always have to light it and carry a pack of matches or a lighter at all times. As far as flavours are concerned, there are thousands available. Literally, you can lose your minding on choosing the best e-liquid from such an extensive variety. Keep It 100 E-Liquid is personally skyrocketing these days and you can easily procure it from our stores

Invention Of Vaping Equipment

If you are wondering, the first-ever electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. You may be wondering why did he feel the need to come up with such a remarkable invention. Well, he was a chain smoker. So much so that he used to smoke 3 packets in a day. If you ask us, smoking with such intensity is beyond comprehensible as it is extremely dangerous. Another reason was that Hon’s father died from lung cancer as he too was a regular smoker. Therefore, Hon felt the need to come up with something that would make the journey of quitting cigarettes a lot less painful. 

Nevertheless, Hon became a dual user, meaning he used to smoke and vape at the same time. So, this new invention posed a serious threat to him but turned out to be extremely helpful for many others. 

With the help of controlled consumption and counselling, many people have quit smoking. This is exactly why vaping has been catching on so quickly and has been rising ever since. 


Vaping rose to popularity in the April of 2006 when they were introduced to Europeans almost 3 years after its first invention. 4 months later, vapes gained even more recognition as they were introduced to a significantly bigger market, the United States of America. 2008 was a rough year for vapes as in March, Turkey banned vapes and other related equipment altogether but they were and still are sold online. Nevertheless, after 2008, vapes were standardised in the global market and continued to grow regardless of all the embargos and setbacks. 

From their initial stages, vapes have gone through some serious modifications. Now, they function with the help of the following components. 

Battery: It is the battery that makes the cigarette an “electronic cigarette” and helps in the generation of vapours. Therefore, it is called a vape or a vaporiser. You can turn on the device, start the battery, and begin your vaping session in two ways. Your vape will either have a power button you can press on to start the device or you can simply suck on your vape and inhale to start the battery. 

Atomiser: This is the component that creates the vapers. Coil and atomiser both use the battery as their power source that helps them to combust the vape juice in UK and create vapours.

Tank: This is quite obvious and self-explanatory as the name suggests everything. Yes, you guessed it right, this is where you store your e-liquid. The capacity of the tanks can vary depending on your device. However, you can easily find them ranging from 0.8 ml to 2 ml. 

Conclusive Thoughts.

To sum things up, in addition to these three components, the inhaler, and obviously the e-liquid play a major role in an utterly smooth vaping experience. Ever since its first invention, vapes have improved drastically. Therefore, with the help of these modifications, vaping is proven to be 95% healthier than cigarettes. So, without thinking more, switch to vaping now!