What Is E-Liquid Steeping? Does It Work?

As a vaping enthusiast, you must surely spend a lot of time finding the tiny little changes that can take your vaping experience to a whole new level. One of these very few changes is related to the e-liquid and how you can steep it. You must have come across some articles or blogs talking about how the e-liquid was not quite amazing at first but after two weeks of steeping, it got so much better. In this blog, we will take you through the whole process of e-liquid steeping and how it can take your vaping experience up a notch. When you are done reading, you will be an expert on steeping. You will learn how to steep and figure out its dynamics. So let’s get started! 

E-Liquid Steeping

Now you must be wondering what exactly is e-liquid steeping? We’ll take you through it. E-liquid steeping is simply letting a vape juice age with time in a controlled environment. This allows the liquid to go through a change in flavour which has proved to be extremely desirable among vapers. It wouldn’t be wrong to associate the term  ‘‘ageing’’ with the whole process but steeping just came in and is being used ever since. A lot of people agree with the fact that if you allow an e-liquid to sit before you use it right after it was manufactured, it will taste significantly better! One important thing to take care of while steeping is that you must shake the bottle to allow full incorporation. You can also let it sit in the air for a while so the undesirable components will evaporate. But how are these processes going to improve the flavour and overall functioning of your e-juice? That is exactly what we are going to learn next!

How Does Steeping Improve The Flavour

One of the things that you should consider is that in today’s vaping industry, every bottle has had at least some time to steep. After they are manufactured, they do not directly land in the hands of the users. So the amount of time it takes from manufacturers,  distributors, retailers and then the customers is sufficient for steeping. In earlier times, this was not the case. A lot of small businesses would produce the e-juices and they were directly shipped to the customers. Moreover, the companies did not have advanced machines for vigorous mixing which did not allow perfect intermingling of the components. But now, the mixing machines can get the job done.

Here are some things that you might notice if you vape a recently made e-liquid:

  • There might be a harsh edge due to alcohol-based flavour
  • There might be an imbalance in some flavour notes
  • The flavour might feel incomplete overall and you will get a sense that something is missing.

Steeping helps to improve these very issues. It allows the alcohol-based flavours to evaporate and softens the harsh edges. By shaking the bottle, molecular bonding and interaction are encouraged. This completes the previously incomplete flavour.

How Does Steeping Work

If you think a particular e-juice can take some more ageing, the first thing you need to do is find a cool, dark place to store the bottle. You will have to expose it to air later on but it is essential to keep it away from light while steeping. Exposure to light causes the nicotine and the flavours to degrade. For the process, open the bottle and allow it to expose to air for a couple of minutes. Then close the lid and shake it rapidly. Repeat the process, that is, opening, closing and shaking the bottle every day for around seven days. After a week, it’s time for you to test the liquid. If it has steeped enough, you will feel more balanced flavours and are unlikely to experience any harsh edges. If you still feel the harsh alcohol notes, you can repeat the process for a couple more days.

This was your quick and easy guide to steeping your e-juice to make the most of your vaping experience. Don’t waste your e-liquids. Let them sit. Give them time to reach their prime because all good things come to those who wait! Contact Juiced Out Vapes for all your vaping requirements. Whether you are looking for a Guardian vape or any e-liquid, we got it all! 


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