Vaping VS Smoking- 6 Reasons to Prefer Vapes over Cigarette

Smoking is one of the most harmful things that you can do to yourself and with the passage of time, people are getting more and more familiar with its health hazards. Especially in the United Kingdom, smoking is one of the most common causes of death. Therefore, nowadays all smokers are being urged to quit it and a huge chunk of smokers, themselves, are seriously looking for effective smoking alternatives. 

Vaping or E-cigarettes have gained popularity because they are helping millions and millions of smokers quit it. Other than that there are many perks of vaping and following are only a few of them. 

  • It is far better for your health 
  • People who have very little knowledge about vaping, think that it is equally as bad as smoking- if not worse. However, this is really not the case, because vaping has been found to be far better for health than regular smoking. Although vaping is not completely harm-proof, its effectiveness at quitting smoking is the benefit that can overcome all flaws. 

    E-liquids are composed of much fewer chemicals in comparison to cigarette smoke and it also does not stay in the body like tar does when you smoke a cigarette. If you are tired of your smoking habit, we cannot recommend you enough to start vaping, because, after quitting smoking, it would not take you very long before you would start to discover significant health improvements, such as a better sense of smell and taste, lower blood pressure and easier breathing. 

  • Vaping is much more economical 
  • It has been estimated that an average smoker consumes 20 cigarettes a day, this makes the cost nearly 3000 pounds in a year. Although this cannot be generalised to everyone, since everyone has their own preference in terms of brand, quantity and type of cigarette, it is good to have a general idea. 

    Although initially vaping costs more, as buying a vape device with all its counterparts does not come cheap, on an ongoing basis vaping is considerably cheaper than conventional smoking. Furthermore, if you purchase your e-liquids in bulk, there would be a massive decrease in the ongoing cost in comparison to smoking. 

  • Second-hand smoking is more dangerous than second-hand vaping
  • The impacts of second-hand smoking have been studied for years and it was discovered that smoking is not perilous to the smoker himself, but to all people around the smoker!

    Some studies even revealed that second-hand smoking is even more injurious than first-hand smoking because there is no filter present between the second-hand smoker and the source of the smoke. Therefore, be it children, senior citizens or anyone, if you are smoking around them, you are causing them potential harm. 

    Here are some common effects of second-hand smoking:

    1. Increase the risk of pulmonary infections, such as pneumonia, bronchitis etc.
    2. Higher risk of infections in ear, nose and throat. 
    3. Potential of getting asthma
    4. Higher vulnerability of sudden infant death syndrome

    In adults, second-hand smoking can give rise to various lung and heart diseases. 

    On the other hand, vaping has relatively lower health risks and it is also completely safe for the people around you because unlike smoking, vapes do not produce any smoke. Vaping produces vapours that are devoid of carcinogen. However, many health professionals do not condone vaping for pregnant ladies and children. 

    1. Vapours do not linger like cigarette smoke

    Studies have revealed that vapours exhaled by e-cigarettes break down within a few seconds without compromising the air quality in a room with a poor ventilation system. Since vapours disappear quickly in the air, vapers do not feel concerned with the exacerbated smoke. 

    1. Vapes offer more flavours than regular cigarette 

    With cigarette smoking, there are not many flavour options. Therefore, switching to vaping can feel like a breath of fresh air. E-liquids have no limits of flavour options, consequently, it makes the whole vaping experience much more enjoyable. 

    1. Vapes do not produce give off harmful chemicals

    Since there are considerably fewer ingredients in the vaping devices, there are few compounds that vapers exhale. Many e-liquids are only composed of VG, PG, flavourings and nicotine. All of these ingredients are very safe to consume. On the other hand, conventional tobacco smoking is stuffed with 7000 chemicals, therefore, it is safe to vape in both private and public places.

    To sum it all, vaping is better than smoking in every way, be it nicotine content or safety. However, not every vaping device and vape juice can offer the same experience, so invest in reputable vaping companies, like Juiced Out Vapes. 

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