The Trends of Vaping Industry in 2021

The Trends of Vaping Industry in 2021

In the past few years, the vaping industry has grown immensely in terms of creativity, innovation, and technical advancement. Every year, the big shots in the industry introduce something new and more exciting. The variety of products, devices, and vaping styles is something that makes the vaping industry more and more adventurous. From batteries to atomizers and e-liquid flavours, you will see a one-of-a-kind evolvement and 2021 will not be any different. 

The upcoming trends are making healthcare providers, parents, and some lawmakers believe that there is a vape pandemic coming in the near future. Nevertheless, this has not stopped the rapid growth of the vaping industry. The modern age youth is now more aware of what kind of vaping device or e-liquid flavour they should get for themselves. For example, the majority of vapers will only get their hands on an e-liquid after searching thoroughly for the best vape juice online and in the market. As a result, they end up saving themselves from any sort of disappointment.

According to research, the market for vaping devices will hit billions by 2025. All the credit goes to the emerging trends that keep attracting the people more and more towards vaping. The top trends that will rule the 2021 vape industry are:

#1 Compact vaping devices 

In the beginning, the first generation vaping devices were pretty noticeable because of their significant size. However, the prevalence of modern technology has changed the game of vaping. Now, you will find smaller and more compact designs of e-cigarettes on the market. 

The masterminds behind the manufacture of these futuristic devices are making use of innovative technology strategies to make vapes easier to carry and handle. In short, their goal is to make e-cigs as portable as possible for maximum convenience. The future predicts the availability of gadgets that will be even smaller than the palm of one’s hand. 

Along with the size, the designers are also working to make the design of vapes more user-friendly. One of the biggest reasons behind the success of Juul devices, back in 2019, was its slim and USB-like infrastructure. Therefore, there are high chances that this trend will also be here this year as well. 

#2 The rise of nicotine salts 

In the year 2021, e-liquids are expected to undergo dramatic modifications. The advent of nicotine salts is an example of the alterations one can expect this year. If you think nic salts are salty just because it sounds like that, you are wrong. Basically, the word “salt”  is a scientific definition. The production of these liquids is based on a reaction that involves a base and an acid. Most of these salt-based liquids contain pure nicotine, which is a mix of different acids and bases. However, other tobacco products do not contain nic salts. 

Many vapers, especially the beginners, struggle when choosing a nic salt for their vaping sessions. The best way to analyse the quality of nicotine salt is to observe how low they can get the pH level of the nicotine solution. They provide a more subtle hit to the throat and also promote the production of thicker clouds. Moreover, the nicotine buzz that comes with the usage of such e-liquids is outstanding. Smokers who are shifting from cigarettes to vaping often opt for nicotine salts, as they can enjoy the same hit but in a safer way. 

#3 Heightened demand for the flavoured vaping device 

The emergence of flavoured vaping devices is one of the reasons why the vaping industry has achieved this much success in such a short period of time. They are convenient, easy to use, and offer a quality throat hit. Moreover, the affordable price range makes the vapers more intrigued towards buying them. The present market offers a plethora of variety in flavoured e-juices. From menthol to fruity and dessert taste profiles, you can get your hands on different types of e-liquids and nicotine salts. The taste of vape users keeps evolving, which is making the designers experiment more in the e-juice department. In 2021, it is expected that you will be able to find any flavour that you can think of, without struggling much. 

#4 Implementation of advanced technology 

Before, vapers used to look for the best nicotine salt e-liquid and flavours. Now, the approach is changing. As everything is becoming tech-smart, people are expecting vapes to offer the same innovativeness. You can connect these modern vapes with your smartphones and operate them discreetly. Many companies are working on this new technology and implementing it in their products. Companies are taking software engineers on board to make the pairing of vapes and smartphones easy and seamless. E-cigarettes are now available with features like Bluetooth, that can make access to a smartphone easy. 

The bottom line is the vaping industry has a lot of new things to offer this year. So, the vapers should put on their belts and get ready for an electrifying ride. 

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