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Vaping culture has become quite popular in the past few years, with more and more people starting to vape. Lots of users are also using it as an alternative to smoking and getting over their love-hate relationship with tobacco.

Fruity flavours and the ones that give a strong tobacco hit are quite popular, but there are others as well that occasionally become fan favourites. However, there are a few strange flavours that might surprise you! Here are a few of those. Would you dare to try?

1. Butter flavour

Have you heard of this? Not gonna lie, we had no idea this existed. This vape juice tastes like actual butter. Can you believe it?! And that’s not even the weird part. The most bizarre thing is, people actually LIKE it! When you hear the word ‘butter vape juice’, let's be frank, no one really gets excited. However, it actually has good reviews with people liking the warm and creamy hit it provides, which we are guessing, might be exactly what one needs at times. 

Companies have experimented with flavour and you could get butter with a hint of cotton candy flavour, or even butter pecan, or even butter vape juice with a hint of ice cream. It's bizarre and nice at the same time. We can't really decide!

2. Original bunny: cake and cream

This vape flavour has gained immense popularity in the UK and all over the world. They are made by a company known as suicide bunny vapes. This particular company has made leaps in the vaping market through their amazing vapes, rich in flavour. A few of their other flavours are:

  • Bunny season

  • Mother’s milk

  • Derailed

  • Madrina

  • Sucker Punch

Well, we are in absolute awe of all these flavours! They are quite different and taste of cinnamon and cake, or cream and cake, and some are fruity with cake. It is a very different and innovative take on vaping flavours and Suicide bunny E liquid has explored different avenues and introduced flavours unique to any other company. 

Dessert lovers are in for a treat with these flavours! We would definitely recommend trying these. Would you like to give one of these a shot? Browse through our website to get yours for a completely unique vaping experience! 

3. Chicken and waffles flavour

What is this? Is that a flavour? Is this even possible? Well, guess what, it is. When it comes to a good food experience, chicken and waffles is quite the fan favourite. The vape tho? If you like trying unique stuff, you might like it. Someone looking for a salty and food-like taste of vape juice might also take a certain liking towards this flavour.

However, this flavour might not be for everyone. Maybe on an afternoon where one feels like having a whiff and taste of good food? Sounds good. Other times, probably not so much. 

For people who want a deep hit and a smoky or overpowering vape liquid, this is definitely not recommended. Who knows, though? Anything can happen. 

4. Tuna flavour 

Sounds fishy, no? Tuna is one of the most loved and consumed fish all around the world. This vape is light and nicotine-free, so the hit you get will be very light and mildly overpowering. Not great for vapers who would want something heavy or smoky.

However, it is not as bad as it sounds. For obvious reasons, no one would want to try it, but the taste of the fish is mild and not overpowering. 

You can taste the tuna but it is so subtle that you probably won't have a problem with the flavour. Obviously, if you do not like tuna, avoid it forever!

5. Roasted chicken flavour

What none of us can deny is our absolute love for chicken. Roasted, fried, or grilled, it's not something most of us would refuse. But roasted chicken e-liquid? That is a different story altogether. What were they thinking when they invented this flavour? They probably weren’t. 

Very few people have even dared to try this and from what we could gather, it’s not something they would do ever again. The smell is good, but the taste is just weird. Not bad or good, just weird.

Someday, if you are feeling adventurous and want to try something different, you could probably go for it. 

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