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You may find the different types of vapers in the vaping community. Some people would like to make their vaping experience excellent by having a powerful electronic cigarette, as they can make and enjoy large clouds. Discreet vaping and more similar to traditional tobacco smoking are the preference of others. Some people prefer a big blow to the throat, thus tend to prefer nicotine salts. Regardless of various reasons, the role of unique flavoured juices like Hangsen E-Liquid is prominent in making your vaping experience excellent. If you want to enhance your liquid to have a good experience, keep reading this blog.

Tips For Enhancing Your Flavoured Liquid To Ensure A Good Vaping Experience 

Look at the following valuable tips to enhance your flavoured liquid and have an excellent vaping experience:

Adjustment Of Airflow

One of the first valuable tips is the airflow adjustment. If you want larger clouds, you need to open the airflow. When you reduce the airflow, you will experience more closed puff and flavour concentrates. 

You cannot vape, or no vapour will come out if you turn off the airflow completely. If you turn off airflow, the atomizer will overheat and break the tank glass. 

As with the power control, it is recommended to control the airflow by gradually opening and closing it. When you make a perfect balance and feel comfortable, you need to stop your adjustment. 

1. Resistance To Obtain Flavour

You cannot ignore the vital role of resistances in obtaining the flavour. In the past, atomizers tended to adjust resistances in the top cover. This practice restricted them from taking their desired hits with a burnt flavour. 

Now, sub-ohm resistors allow you to enjoy a greater flavour and vapour production. You can also prefer serviceable atomizers to enjoy an excellent vaping experience. These atomizers will give you a more personalised vaping experience. 

You can improve your experience further by adding cotton and adjusting resistors. This way is favourable to heat appropriately from the centre to the outside.

2. Type of Cotton Added

The type of cotton you use also influences how the flavour is transmitted when vaping. In the past, the material used for resistance affected the liquid taste by bringing changes to it. 

Now, one of the best materials for vaping is cotton. Cotton for vaping is heat-resistant, an essential quality because vapers use it to wick heating coils. It is equally helpful to absorb the liquid and funnel it to coils, and its neutral flavour ensures pure and unmodified flavour.

3. VG and PG Percentage

Vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are two essential components of e-liquids. Their percentage in e-liquids can impact the flavour you obtain when vaping. If the PG levels are higher, you will obtain an improved flavour and feel strong hits in the throat. 

Every vaper would like to have a specific vaping type. Thus, you can find the percentage of these components in your liquid, which differs according to your preference. Usually, vapers prefer a 50/50 ratio of these components, allowing them to enjoy a good vapour with an excellent flavour and throat hit.

4. Different Types of Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece may seem insignificant, but its different types also influence the flavour and vapour you want to obtain. The different mouthpieces are available you can find in the market. Different types of mouthpieces mean their shapes and sizes are different. Some vapers may prefer wider or narrower mouthpieces, while others prefer long or short mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are also made from various materials. 

In addition, you may find atomizers usually containing many nozzles, along with an adapter. Remember that wider nozzles of the device will allow you to produce more clouds and feel strong hits.

To Wrap Up

We hope this blog containing a number of options has assisted you in understanding how you can enhance your flavoured liquid. By following these tips, you can improve your vaping experience. And if you want to buy high-quality products, including flavoured e-liquids, devices, and other vaping accessories, don’t forget Juicedoutvapes. Liquids are the most vital component that makes your experience excellent. If you need any flavoured liquid with standard sizes like Hangsen Apple E-Liquid 10ML, Hangsen Fruit Mix 10ml, or Grape - iFresh 10ml, we are here to satisfy all your vaping needs.