The Ultimate Guide To Help You Successfully Transition From Smoking To Vaping

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult challenges to accomplish. Many smokers know about the hazards that come with smoking and wish to stop their habit of smoking for good, but it's not that easy.

Many smokers fail several times before quitting their smoking habit. The best way to reduce or quit smoking is through a nicotine substitute, to which you can make a switch. However, there are many nicotine products, but one of those that have proven to be successful for many smokers is vaping.

What is Vaping?

Vaping refers to the inhaling of vapour created by a battery powered electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes are considered a less harmful substitute for regular cigarettes. It does not involve any burning of tobacco, therefore no smoke is produced that can cause harm to you. A vape, also known as an e-cigarette, contains a coil that heats up to convert the e-liquid into vapour which an individual inhales...

Vape is an excellent substitute for a regular cigarette, as vapes have multiple benefits such as a variety of flavours, customisability and more. Plus, it has fewer to no side effects that harm your health or the health of people around you.

Here are some tips that will help you make a successful transition to vaping from smoking.

  1. Buy a simple device: 

When starting vaping, it's best to opt for a simple device rather than an advanced device that has complicated features. You can always upgrade to an advanced model but if you have just started transitioning to vape, a simpler device would be better for you.

Always consider buying quality devices because getting a low-quality device might ruin your entire experience of vaping. A metallic pod would be the best option for you, as plastic pods aren’t that reliable and it's good to keep things simple at the start.

Hence if you are looking for a trial device for getting to know the vaping experience, Seek Vape Vive Disposable will be a great way to do that.

  • Select the right e-liquid:

    There is a wide range of e-fluids available for vapes. Thus choosing the right one may be a challenge. There are some things that you need to consider before selecting an e-liquid, such as quality, preference, nicotine level and PG/VG ratio.

    You can try out a variety of flavours to determine which one is the best for you. You can also keep track of your nicotine level, which you can decrease over time. Vapes are a great way to quit smoking because they provide you with the option to control your nicotine intake.

    The VG/PG ratio allows you to choose your preferred strength. For instance, some smokers prefer light cigarettes while others do not. Therefore a VG/PG ratio determines the strength and throat hit of the vape.

    • Prefer quality over style:

      It's best to prefer quality overdesign when buying an e-cigarette. Devices with advanced features might look attractive but they may also have some complex features that are unnecessary for beginners. Thus you would get a better experience from a simple device. Plus you always have the option of upgrading to an advancer model. Hence considering a quality device over an attractive one is the best choice. 

      • Vaping Style:

      You might consider getting devices that support MTL vaping style. Mouth to Lung vaping style is best for smokers, as it gives a tight inhale similar to a cigarette. On the other hand, DTL is an advanced style that might not be best for individuals transitioning from smoking...

      • Learn to vape properly:

      An e-cigarette is different to a standard cigarette in multiple ways. Thus learning to vape properly is something you should understand. For instance, if you keep vaping constantly, there's a good chance that your coil might burn. Therefore you need to take a few seconds before the next puff.

      Understanding the simple mechanism of an e-cigarette is relatively easy. Changing the coil, cleaning the device and changing e-liquids are some of the tasks that you need to learn.


      Vaping has become an effective way to reduce and quit smoking for good. Many people have benefited in terms of quitting smoking when they transitioned to vaping. Considering that you haven't tried vape before and are not sure whether you might like it or not. You can try Magic Bar Disposable Vape for getting a good experience.

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