Have You Experienced A Burnt Taste In Your Vape? These Are The Reasons Why

No matter how experienced you are at vaping and how modern your vaping device is, at times, you might feel a burnt taste from your vape. This burnt taste can cause a scratch at the end of your throat, causing a cough. Evidently, it does not feel pleasant and can ruin the taste of your e-juice. There could be several reasons associated with this but you don’t have to worry as this problem can be easily fixed!

Reasons For The Burnt Taste

Wick is the part of your device, which soaks up the e-liquid then transforms it into a vapour after the coil heats up. The main reason responsible for the burnt taste is that there isn’t sufficient liquid on the wick inside the atomiser coil. Without having enough liquid, the wick starts to burn hence causing the unpleasant burnt taste. Here are some leading causes of burn hits.

  • Chain Vaping
  • Chain vaping might be the most probable cause of burn hits and is highly likely for new vapers. If you take several puffs in a row, the wick doesn’t get any time to soak up the liquid. This causes the wick to dry out and start burning. The moment you feel a slightly burnt taste, it’s time for you to put your vape down and give it some time to absorb the juice.

  • Incorrect Priming 
  • The wick is made up of dry cotton, and the material is compacted tightly, making it less porous. Burnt taste can also be caused by not priming the coil properly. When you are using new coils, prime your coil head with extra care before you move on to filling the tank. Priming means soaking the wick before vaping to ensure proper saturation.

  • High Power 
  • High vape wattage can make the e-liquid evaporate too quickly if the power is too high for the coil head. In such cases, the wick cannot re-saturate quickly enough, which gets burned by the coil resulting in the unpleasant burnt taste. 

  • Low Vape Juice
  • It’s highly essential to keep your e-liquid topped up. The device will end up getting burnt if you are low on e-juice. There is a significant possibility of burning it if the e-liquid doesn’t cover the input holes surrounding the coil heads. Try to make sure that your tank is more than quarter full.

    Getting Rid Of The Burnt Taste

    This feeling of a burnt taste can be rather unpleasant and ruin your mood. If you are experiencing this burnt taste, there are some easy ways to fix it.

  • Prime The Coils
  • Vaping preparation involves some essentials, with priming your coils being one of them. The process is quick and easy. 

    • Apply a few drops of e-liquid directly on the wick of the new coil
    • Let it stay for around 10 minutes
    • Take your device and screw the coil on it
    • Fill the tank with your e-liquid and screw it on your vape
    • Do not activate the battery and inhale a couple of times to help flow the liquid
  • Prime The Refillable Kits
  • The process is even easier if you use a refillable kit instead of a vape tank with a replaceable coil head.

    • Fill the device with the e-liquid
    • Let the device saturate the juice for a few minutes
    • Inhale without the battery to allow a smooth liquid flow
  • Do Not Exceed The Maximum Power
  • Vaping at high wattage is the main cause of damaged coils. Always stay within the recommended range if your device has variable voltage. This will keep your device in the best condition. Although if you enjoy vaping at high intensity, you can always upgrade your vape tank to something that can support maximum wattage.

  • Vaping Technique
  • If you are new to the cigarette-to-vape transition, chances are you are treating your vape like a cigarette. New vapers tend to take lots of short and frequent puffs, and the adjustment to vaping can be pretty tricky. Practice longer and slower hits with at least fifteen seconds in between.

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