Real-World Study: Regular Vapers Are Much More Likely to Have Quit Smoking

There has been a real debate about whether or not regular smokers are likely to quit smoking. There is tons of misinformation regarding the subject and people do not bother to do their own research without jumping to conclusions. The poorly conducted studies are the main reason behind the widespread of this misinformation. Like everything, people believe everything they see on the internet without pondering over it and doing sufficient research. One of the examples about vapes can be given from a study published in 2018 by Stanton Glantz who calculated the data from the 2014 Eurobarometer survey and came to a conclusion that:

On the population level, the net effect of the entry of e-cigarettes into the European Union (and Great Britain) is associated with depressed smoking cessation of conventional cigarettes.”

This completely contradicts the tons of research that have been done around the world and without a surprise, there was something incorrect about the analysis. Hence, Dr Farsalinos and Anastasia Barbouni released a new study that came to a totally different conclusion. They analysed that the people currently or previously vaping were seen to have quit smoking in recent times?

So what is really going on? Why are the conclusions of these two studies poles apart?


The Older Study

The 2014 Eurobarometer survey analysed the data in a basic manner. The researchers took the people who had been smoking forever into consideration and compared the regular vapers with those who never vaped while being a former smoker. They concluded that the odds of being a previous smoker were quite low in those people who had vaped compared to the ones who had not. The main problem is that vaping has not been around for a long time. Since they took everyone into account which obviously would prove that vaping is not helpful after all. There are tons of people who quit smoking without vaping but that’s not because vaping does not work, but due to the fact that this option was not even available at that time.



The New Study

The researchers saw that the 2017 Eurobarometer survey had up to 13,000 current and former smokers. They took notes regarding sociodemographic factors such as age, gender, education and social standing. They broke the smokers down into categories of daily, occasional and never-vaped. They also made a note of whether or not they still smoked at the time when the survey was conducted. Their idea was to conduct a similar analysis with one change; the quit duration in the analysis was not accounted for. So instead of cramming all the ex-smokers together, the researchers categorised them on the basis of their smoking years such as smokers of less than two years, three to six years, ten years and so on.


Recent Quitting Through Vaping

Vaping has been seen to be linked with vaping. Smokers from earlier times, say over a decade, would rarely vape. On the other hand, people who quit smoking recently were more likely to be vapers. Generally, people who vape daily are five times more likely to quit smoking between 2015-2017 and three times more likely between 2012-2015. These facts are concluded on the basis of mathematical methods and in comparison to people who never vaped. Generally, from all the quitters, vapers are still 50% more likely to quit smoking.


Former Smokers Relapse To Vape

It is one of the most misunderstood concepts that if someone is willing to quit smoking and they use vape, they might relapse. This is quite absurd as the study provides enough evidence that this is least likely to happen. There might be, however, exceptions but exceptional cases cannot contribute to a generalized study in any way. Statistics show that 97.7% of people who quit smoking had never vaped and only 0.2% vape daily. Quite surprising, right? If you have quit smoking, there is very little reason for you to want to vape. If you can overcome the nicotine addiction of cigarettes, there is absolutely nothing for you in vaping.


Hence, the results from the study are crystal clear that vaping has a direct link with quitting smoking. If you vape along with smoking, chances are you will be able to quit smoking much more easily as compared to someone who does not vape. Hopefully, this blog was helpful for you. So if you are also looking to transition from cigarettes to vapes, we, at Juiced Out Vapes, have a wide variety of vapes and e-liquids in store for you! We suggest you opt for an elf bar disposable pod to make the transition. 

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